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KRAFTON, Inc today announced the release of New State Mobile’s May Update on Android and iOS. This update brings a new green map located under a bridge (with watchtowers and a river separating each side) and an in-combat level system for the Round Deathmatch mode. In terms of novelties, players will also be able to find a new DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) sniper rifle, the recruitment in the squad of eliminated opposing players, thanks to a new feature called Piggyback, the launch of the Survivor Pass Vol. 7 and more.

Round Deathmatch mode:

Underbridge so is the newest map to join the mode Round Deathmatch ! This is designed to encourage skirmishes at medium to long range. Watchtowers are positioned in each camp to allow players to spot enemy positions from afar. But be careful because unlike arenathe previously released map for this game mode, Care Packs will not appear in Underbridge. Players will receive items such as shields and an assortment of grenades, including a frag grenade, poison grenade, smoke grenade, and stun grenade every turn.

New State Mobile

Moreover, the mode Round Deathmatch adopted a new in-combat level system in the May update. Players now earn Combat XP based on their team’s results. This takes into account wins, losses, deaths and damage. Players who leave the match and their teammates during a game cannot receive combat XP. After reaching a certain combat level, players will receive a gun customization kit that they can use for a Round Deathmatch.

New weapon, new feature and Survivor Pass:

the M110A1 is the latest sniper rifle to join the ranks of New State Mobile. The latter combines high damage and stable recoil. It is configurable with many accessories, including a scope, magazine, muzzle and cheek pad.

Piggyback is a new feature available in New State Mobile. Players can now carry stunned players (allies or enemies) on their shoulders and pull them to safety. They must, however, pay attention to their surroundings because it is impossible to defend themselves with another player on their back.

Finally, the May update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Paul Rubin faction New State who arrives on New State Mobile. Players can unlock costumes and character appearance from Paul Rubin by completing all the story missions that come out every week.

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New State Mobile – Find out what’s under the bridge in Round Deathmatch mode – GeekNPlay

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