Near Montpellier: she denounces an attempt at suffocation, the concubine sentenced despite his denials

The criminal court judged Monday, December 26 a case of domestic violence that occurred on the night of December 22 to 23 in Cournonterral. The young woman claimed that her companion had placed a cushion over her face. Facts denied by the person concerned, who nevertheless receives 9 months in prison.

“I felt myself leaving” : it is in these terms that a young woman describes at the bar of the criminal court, Monday, December 26, the violence that her companion subjected her to a few days earlier, on the night of December 22 to 23 last. She explains : “He squeezed my whole body, put the pillow on me. He dug his fingers into my stomach, pressed my neck”. Living below the couple’s apartment, the defendant’s brother heard the partner say “I will die”. He went up to see what was going on.

“How would I have wanted to kill the woman I love?”

The partner, placed in detention, is judged in immediate appearance. He denies any gesture of suffocation. “How would I have wanted to suffocate the woman I love, with whom I wanted to have a child?” He says he made “tickling” by provocation, and affirms that his companion was taken from a “anxiety attack”. He’s talking about “prankishness” about their arguments. The episode that occurred that night is part of a tumultuous relationship. As part of the judicial review to which he was subject, the defendant was prohibited from coming into contact with the young woman.

“How do you explain that you got back together?“, asks the civil party President Abdessamad Errabih. “I was under his influence, I was naive”she replies, as their relationship resumed in September.

For the lawyer for the civil party, the version provided by the defendant does not hold. “It is terrifying to see that the perpetrator of domestic violence never takes responsibility. He will do it again until he understands that we do not impose hugs, sexual intercourse. stopped”. She asks for compensation for her client’s moral damage and the support of her psychological follow-up.

“He is not the adult he claims to be”

Prosecutor Laurent Fekkar denounces a “physical harassment”. “That’s not how you behave with a woman”, he said, addressing the defendant. And recalling that the defendant was also prohibited from contacting the civil party. “He is not the adult he claims to be. Only prison can stop him”. He requires twelve months in prison and continued detention against the 30-year-old whose criminal record includes 9 convictions (death threats, damage, aggravated violence, etc.).

“Yes, he is immature”admits the defense lawyer, who however requests the release of the acts of violence, in particular the gesture of suffocation, which her client firmly denies. “Where’s that pillow? We don’t have anything in that file”. It underlines that, if the defendant did not respect his judicial control on two points, he was on the other hand submitted to the others. The lawyer pleads, in the event of conviction, the establishment of an anti-reconciliation bracelet.

The court found the defendant guilty of the acts of violence and sentenced him to 18 months in prison, 9 of which were suspended, in the form of house arrest under an electronic bracelet. A sentence accompanied by a ban on appearing in Cournonterral and coming into contact with the victim.

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Near Montpellier: she denounces an attempt at suffocation, the concubine sentenced despite his denials

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