Music from the Apple ad Privacy with the Iphone 2022

Apple is addressing iPhone privacy in a new ad campaign. The music in the pub is the song “Fantasy” by the artist Juan Garcia Esquivel.

The Apple Privacy Awareness Campaign

With over a billion usersIphone in the world, Apple is the most coveted brand of phones around the world. Its new-generation smartphones are enjoying dazzling success and their release every year is always an event. However, the “ordinary person” does not fully exploit the functionalities of the iPhone and confidentiality becomes a real problem. To remedy this situation, Apple has launched a major awareness and information campaign to encourage users to be more vigilant.

The iPhone thus makes it possible to take advantage of several features to fight against the collection of personal data. Indeed, it is possible through the transparency of application tracking and the protection of email privacy to control who can access your information and who does not. The end-to-end encryption of the i-Messages app and application permissions allow or deny access to your contact data.

The aim of this campaign, which was carried out with humor, is to make known that data brokers divert information and sell it to the highest bidder. It is therefore important to ensure that your devices guarantee security and privacy.

Apple Advertising Privacy with the 2022 Iphone

Apple’s iPhone privacy ad begins with a young girl who discovers a door marked with it “Sales of Anna’s Data”. Intrigued and curious, she pushes the door and finds herself in the middle of an auction. The room is full of people and the auctioneer offers various items to the highest bidder. The young woman discovers that it is her digital data that is being sold. She thus sees what is on offer: her e-mails that she has opened and read, her personal hygiene purchases, her latest transactions… The offers follow one another at maddening prices.

Aware of what is happening, Anna immediately uses her iPhone to deny apps access to her data. In the process, she protects her activity in her emails. As it restricts access, data, buyers, the auctioneer, everything disappears. The ad ends on the message “Respect for privacy. This is the iPhone ».

What is the music for Apple’s Privacy on the Iphone 2022 ad?

To make iPhone users aware of their data privacy, Apple chose the song “Fantasy”. This is a title of Juan Garcia Esquivel which is taken from the album “String Aflame” released in 1959.

Juan Garcia Esquivel is a composer, pianist and conductor of Mexican nationality. He is known for having composed many soundtracks for films. He began his career very young, at the age of 14, before conducting orchestras. Esquivel is considered one of the masters of lounge music as an arranger. He indeed mixes Latin sounds with jazz.

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Music from the Apple ad Privacy with the Iphone 2022

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