Make crazy savings thanks to this selection of mobile plans at only €5 per month!

With today’s difficulties in obtaining more purchasing power than we know, it is essential to easily find the best deals on mobile plans from the moment. Of the cheap deals to stick with your mini budget, is that what you are looking for? To help you, we have reviewed four of the best super bargains of the moment at YouPrice, B&You, RED by SFR and Auchan Telecom!

The 11 GB YouPrice phone plan at €4.49/month

With its Le One mobile subscription adjustable from 11 GB to 33 GB each month, the new operator YouPrice has definitely not finished surprising you! Currently, the first package in the YouPrice range on the SFR network is offered to you at the price of €4.49/month for 12 months, after which you will go back to the standard price of €9.99/month. If you choose the Orange network, know that the price is €5.49 for the first year and then €9.99 beyond that, not bad too, isn’t it?
Indeed, be aware that with this operator, you can choose your network when ordering: SFR or Orange will be the one that suits you best?

With YouPrice Le One, get unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, but also 11GB of 4G, whether in mainland France, from overseas departments or from the European Union.

Mobile plan 1 GB at €4.99/month: discover the B&You promo

We have found a promo for you for a 1 GB phone plan at Bouygues Telecom! See you in the range without obligation B&You to take advantage of this great deal. Until September 19, theB&You subscription is available without condition of duration at the minimum price of €4.99/month. No price that changes in 6 months or a year.

B&You 1GB mobile plan on sale

If this no-commitment phone plan convinces you, you will benefit from many services in mainland France, but also from overseas and from the EU, such as unlimited calls and SMS but also the envelope of 1GB of data..

The mobile offer with 1 GB of RED by SFR

If you’re looking for a €5 package on the SFR network, here’s a good deal from the 100% online operator RED by SFR: Until September 19, theunlimited subscription + 1GB of is sold at the super price of 5 € / month, set is devoid of any commitment. The services offered by this unlimited phone plan therefore include 1GB of data on the SFR network as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, in France, from the overseas departments and from the EU.

RED 1GB package at €5

You barely use the internet on your mobile phone and want to take advantage of the Bouygues Telecom network ? Auchan-Telecom has thought of you, and is promoting a mini 1 GB offer in turn. The price of the Auchan Telecom subscription? Only €4.99/month for maximum benefits! No cold shower after a few months: this promotion is valid without condition of duration! If this unlimited mobile plan interests you, you will have plenty of time to consume 1 GB of data, but also to call and send SMS/MMS without counting in France, from overseas and from the European Union.

Auchan 1 GB plan for less than 5 euros

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Make crazy savings thanks to this selection of mobile plans at only €5 per month!

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