Jitterbit sees record growth in e-commerce customers and partners

Ecommerce giants partner with Jitterbit, bringing speed, agility, and mission-critical connections to retailers everywhere

ALAMEDA, Calif., Dec. 23. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jitterbit, the API transformation company, has seen significant growth over the past 12 months. It has thus reached unprecedented heights in its e-commerce and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration activities. She was also able to increase e-commerce transaction flow and ARR by more than 100%. Jitterbit has also extended its agreements with some of the biggest names in the industry, including: BigCommerce, ShipStation and Shopify. Additionally, Jitterbit continues to grow its already strong network of hundreds of e-commerce partner agencies. The notable growth in customers and partners has positioned Jitterbit as one of the most sought-after integration platforms in the e-commerce space.

“Through our acquisition of eBridge Connections last year, our continued advancements in e-commerce connectors, and the growth of major partnerships, Jitterbit now offers one of the most comprehensive integration packages on the market for the e-commerce industry,” said Singu Srinivas, Managing Director and Senior Vice President at Jitterbit. “As we close out the holiday shopping season, our world-class service teams are helping thousands of retailers and merchants save valuable time. They allow data to flow seamlessly between cloud and on-premises e-commerce, EDI, ERP and CRM systems, as well as 3PL, WMS and payments solutions, to make e-commerce seamless. . »

Customers choose Jitterbit to boost e-commerce

Jitterbit has grown its e-commerce business across the board: through significant ARR growth, customer acquisition, and a doubling of e-commerce logins in the last 12 months . This reflects strong demand for Jitterbit’s integration and automation solutions that create omnichannel customer experiences by connecting data and automating business processes. With Jitterbit’s Commerce 360 ​​solutions, businesses create personalized customer experiences to maximize customer lifetime value.

Jitterbit combines domain expertise with proven use cases to simplify digital commerce integrations. Whether to integrate CRM and ERP to automate the creation of orders; automatically send order and shipping information to inventory, shipping teams, and 3PLs; or use EDI to improve transaction data processing, Jitterbit customers benefit from proven solutions and top-notch support. Jitterbit has helped thousands of merchants and vendors accelerate business results with onboarding initiatives launched in days or weeks, not months or years. In recent months, leaders in their respective markets have chosen Jitterbit, including Fortune Brands (Moen), Malley’s Chocolate, Olukai, Sadler Power Train and The Cookware Company.

E-commerce giants team up with Jitterbit

Over the past few months, Jitterbit has expanded its partnerships with e-commerce companies that provide crucial frameworks for driving online sales. Jitterbit has signed reseller and/or technology agreements with the following partners:

  • BigCommerce: Jitterbit has announced that he has been nominated BigCommerce Technology Partner, giving tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants access to Jitterbit’s automated order fulfillment process. Now, BigCommerce customers can integrate with Jitterbit’s platform through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.
  • Ship Station: Jitterbit recently announced its new partnership with ShipStation, the world’s largest web-based e-commerce shipping solution. The partnership will create more transparent shipping processes for merchants and improve the customer experience. It will also allow merchants to integrate third-party apps faster and easier.
  • Shopify Plus : Jitterbit recently announced that the company will provide ERP integrations for merchants of Shopify Plus. With Jitterbit’s unparalleled integration expertise to simplify and automate processes, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and purchasing, Jitterbit’s ERP integration will increase productivity. It will also allow Shopify merchants to spend less time working on disparate systems and reach new customers through new channels.
  • E-commerce Agencies: Jitterbit has built an impressive ecosystem of hundreds of e-commerce partner agencies, which offer consulting services to help businesses implement e-commerce platforms. Jitterbit partner agencies create custom strategies. The goal is to help merchants who own online stores drive brand awareness, drive engagement, and increase sales. This is possible through the creation of customer integration journeys with ERP, EDI, CRM, MKT, WMS, 3PL and payment systems.

Jitterbit will be showcasing its retail solutions at NRF 2023, January 15-17, at booth #1234. To schedule an appointment or demo at the show, contact jitterbit@bocacommunications.com.

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About Jitterbit, Inc.
Jitterbit, the API transformation company, makes it faster and easier for businesses to leverage data from any source, empowering them to innovate quickly and make faster, more effective decisions. The Jitterbit Harmony API integration platform and API360 solutions allow enterprises to quickly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications and instantly inject intelligence into any business process. To learn more, please visit the site www.jitterbit.com or follow us on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Jitterbit.

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Jitterbit sees record growth in e-commerce customers and partners

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