iPhone-to-iPhone payment launched in US Apple Stores!

Paying from one iPhone to another is possible! The “tap to pay” option has just appeared in some Apple stores. A real revolution

We knew about Apple Pay, but the apple brand goes even further ! Indeed, some Stores in the United States are beginning to see the “Tap to pay” appear. This function allows you to pay from one iPhone to another. MCETV explains everything about it!

A rumor for a long time

Because the rumor has been dragging on for quite some time. Apple also wants tturn your phone into a payment terminal. Last February, the brand assumes: it intends to allow payment via smartphone… on another smartphone.

Huge buzz this week on Twitter: images straight from the Apple Park Visitor Center show that this fantasy is coming true. In a video shared by Mark Gurman, we see a person making a payment on an iPhone.

According to information from the Bloomberg journalist, this preview launches a great phase of rapid development. Because after the store in Cupertino, California, all the other American stores should be equipped with the novelty.

Stronger (and faster) still, Mark Gurman understands that the payment between iPhone will be possible in some shops tomorrow. A novelty that should attract a lot of customers and curious people in stores from this Thursday, May 27.

For the time being, the apple firm has not yet confirmed this info. Since February, the arrival of this contactless payment between telephones must thus arrive later in the year. Without further details. But the video swells the rumor.

Which iPhones will be able to receive payment?

While waiting for the videos which are likely to multiply from this May 27, a question arises: who will have access to this tap to pay, great novelty from Apple? Again, the brand has not confirmed or explained anything. But informants seem to agree.

Thus, we will not have to wait until November and the release of the models of the 14 range. All iPhones released since the XS should indeed be entitled to an update that will allow them to receive payments. A real democratization of VSEs.

While some TPE (for electronic payment terminal) have already brought prices down to around fifteen euros on the net, Apple is hitting hard. Because some merchants will be able to receive payments through their phone.

For the time being, Apple has not revealed anything about the expansion of this Tap-to-Pay internationally. We have to wait for the test phase in the USA. Then, iPhones around the world will probably not be able to equip themselves with the novelty.

It also remains to be seen whether other brand accessories will have access to this passage in TPE. Certainly, the function does not seem mandatory on iPad. But one can imagine that Apple will want to include it. As she’ll want to set it up with her Apple Watch.

We will therefore have to wait until May 27 to discover payments between smartphones. Then the enthusiasm, ease and interest shown by users should do the rest. Soon, merchants may be pulling out their iPhones to get paid.

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iPhone-to-iPhone payment launched in US Apple Stores!

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