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Whether you’re concerned about companies collecting your data or a nosy roommate, here are the settings to change on your iPhone for extra privacy. These tips should not be overlooked considering that your smartphone is a pillar of your privacy.

Using a smartphone always carries a privacy risk. This is because mobile phone operators are constantly tracking your location. Also, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what data each app collects and sells.

But there are steps to consider to alleviate privacy concerns. This mini guide offers several of them to improve the protection of personal data on an iPhone or iPad.

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to an Apple account. In this case, a one-time code is required in addition to the password to log in from an unknown device. For example, if you have a iPhone 12 and signing into a new Mac for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter this verification code.

In fact, even if a third party knows the password, he cannot access the data stored in the Apple account without having the phone in his possession.

Adjust “Shared with me” permissions

In iOS 15, Apple introduced the “Shared with me” feature. This function automatically displays links that were sent in text messages in the corresponding Apple apps. Therefore, whenever these apps are opened, the shared links are displayed.

To better protect the data, it is necessary to go to Settings > Messages > Shared with me. Then you have to disable sharing in all applications for which you do not want these links to appear.

Make Safari more private

Safari is among the tools most likely to spy on your information while you’re using a device iOS to browse the web. Nevertheless, Apple offers a handful of options like the private browsing mode and a few configurable settings to protect you.

It is also possible to turn off Safari suggestions so that the browser does not keep track of the sites you visit regularly.

Furthermore, the fact of block the windows pop-up prevents malicious ads from compromising the privacy and security of your data.

Enable automatic updates

The operating system and downloaded applications often receive updates. So activating it ensures that important security patches are applied background.

To automatically keep apps updated, open Settings > App Store and turn on app updates. The operating system is set to update automatically by default, but you can check this by opening Settings > General > Software Update.

Opt out of ad tracking

Ad tracking is a method used by companies to provide you with personalized advertisements. However, these personalized campaigns based on profiles marketing may displease. Some apps may sell the sensitive information they collect, without the user realizing it.

To avoid this, click on Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising and turn off personalized ads.

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iPhone: Tips for better protecting your data – LeBigData.fr

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