iPhone: This Hidden Feature Can Track Your Airplane Journey!

Our colleagues from Toms Guide have just announced that it was possible to follow the route of an aircraft using a function of the iPhone.

What if you followed the route of a flight live from the iPhone? This is impossible, you will tell us, and yet. According to our colleagues from Toms Guide, vou can indeed follow a plane directly from the Apple smartphone. Here’s how.

Size issues

Before praising the merits of this feature, perhaps we should still come back to a few concerns. Concerns encountered for the phones of the Cupertino company. Because yes, although they are at the cutting edge of technology, these phones have some problems.

Especially for a few days as Mark Gurman points out. In case you have an iPhone, you have probably had to deal with a major problem lately. In case you wanted to make a call.

Or, even, send an SMS. It was simply impossible. On Twitter, Mark Gurman therefore indicated:“We have a bug that disables Imessage and Facetime. And can disable your phone number”.

This problem still persists but it seems that it only concerns those at T-Mobile. In other words, no one in France is affected by this problem. On the other hand, another concern can affect us all.

If you didn’t know, it is possible to be hacked his iPhone. Even when it’s off. In any case, this is revealed by a recent study relayed by our colleagues from France Inter. The study in question stating:

“Since iOS 15, the iPhone remains locatable thanks to Bluetooth after its extinction. Autonomous software keeps the Bluetooth chip running. While the main processor is off. This software is not protected against modifications. Attacks can therefore target the Bluetooth chip. Even after extinction ».

iPhone: This Hidden Feature Can Track Your Airplane Journey!

Track a plane on the iPhone

Not enough to reassure iPhone owners then… And if Steve Jobs, who didn’t want a SIM card drawer for his project, was still there, he would probably not have appreciated so many problems…

But before we go, this one left a feature that many people weren’t aware of. To know, the ability to follow the path of an aircraft thanks to the iPhone. Those are our colleagues from Toms Guide who gave the trick.

The media making it known that it is necessary use the Messages app to see everything. But the procedure is as follows: Find the flight number. Send or receive a text including the flight number in Messages. Tap the flight number in the sent text.

Next, you will need to select Flight Preview. And Check flight details, schedules and baggage information. When opening Messages you will need to send an SMS with the flight number, e.g. BA0117. You can also receive an SMS with the flight number in Messages.

When sending this message, you will see the flight number underlined in the iPhone Messages app. Then you just have to click on it, to get all the information you are looking for. Namely the remaining flight time, as well as the take-off time, etc…

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iPhone: This Hidden Feature Can Track Your Airplane Journey!

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