iPhone: how to limit exposure to blue light?

As with all smartphones, all iPhone models emit blue light. The latter is not really recommended for your eyes and is even toxic, which can cause a loss of sight.

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What is blue light?

Blue light is natural light emitted by the sun. However, with the increasing presence of technologies in our daily lives, the latter is also emitted by high-tech devices, such as computers, smartphones such as the Iphone Or your TV. Blue light, especially turquoise blue light can have positive effects on humans. The negative effects come from the rather violet light. The latter can in particular damage the retina, especially in the youngest. While blue light blocking glasses are increasingly used, in the face of constant screen exposure, there are also some tips to limit it on the iPhone.

Blue light: our advice to avoid it on iPhone

1-Use Night Shift mode

Night Shift is an internal iPhone feature that automatically adjusts screen colors to warmer tones to ease your eyes. This feature uses your iPhone’s clock as well as geolocation to determine the sunset time in your area. You can easily activate it from the control center or in your iPhone settings.

2-Use a special screen

You may already have a protective screen on your iPhone that protects your smartphone from falls. Note that there are also screens that make blue light invisible, like the Shield Glass Elite.

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3- Download dedicated applications

On the App Store you will find thousands of applications and some are dedicated to limiting the spread of blue light. We can notably cite Koala Browser.

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iPhone: how to limit exposure to blue light?

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