iPhone – Five games to try right away on your new Apple device!

Whereas yesterday we were interested in the games available on Android, it is to aficionados of the apple brand that we are addressing today. Indeed, if, taking advantage of Christmas, you have become the happy new owner of an iPhone, don’t move: we will immediately see a small selection of games tailor-made for your new device.

An event game, Fantasian is a JRPG signed by Mistwalker studios exclusively for Apple. If the name means nothing to you, it’s simply the studio created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, legendary creator of the Final Fantasy series. And to drive the point home, Sakaguchi took with him on Fantasian the musician Nobuo Uematsuthat we will not make you the affront to introduce you.

And beyond this argument of authority, Fantasian also knew how to make people talk about him for his artistic proposal. If the game turns out to be a fairly classic JRPG (which for us is a quality!), the way it was made stands out: Sakaguchi and its teams have indeed filmed in “real images” dioramas, in other words small models, which serve as sets for the game. The digital characters are then implemented in these “non-synthesis images”.

The result is a very special look, in the service of a game which, moreover, has nothing to envy to the classics of the genre (even if the scenario could have been a bit more original). Fantasian is the gem of the iOS exclusives, and definitely a game to try right away if you’ve just gotten your hands on an iPhone!

Probably the iPhone game that has the biggest gap between the expectation it generated (almost zero) and the qualities it reveals once you play it! All of You is an incredibly clever puzzle gamewhich operates on two extremely simple components.

Each level of the game is presented as a small comic strip, with a few thumbnails, comic strip style. It’s about playing with the order of the thumbnails to lead a hen to her chick, knowing that time only passes in one thumbnail at a time. The hen, and the dangers, will advance no matter what in the thumbnail where time passes, we will thus play with the positions of the thumbnails to make the hen progress while keeping it safe from the various dangers and other traps deadly…

This explanation may not be very very clear to someone who has never played the game. But trust us when we say this is one of the best, if not THE best puzzle game available on apple devices. All of You is also very successful graphically, has a very well thought out progression curve, and is playable by all audiences.

The favorite game of people who don’t like video games! SongPop party is a permanent online blind test. One piece, four proposals, and the fastest wins the maximum points! What makes the difference in SongPop Party is the huge variety of themes and accessible playlists: by musical genre, by year or decade, by artist, “one hit wonders”, number 1, Christmas songs or summer hits…

It can be played solo, aiming for scoring, online, in games against random opponents, or with friends, in private games.

What it lacks may be the ability to play several on the same tablet (despite the fact that this is what the logo of the game seems to indicate…). But apart from this detail, the game remains terribly fun and very very addictive!

Back to the business of the legend Yu Suzuki, creator of many legendary SEGA games, from Out Run to Shenmue, including Virtua games (Fighter, Racing, etc.) and Space Harrier. And justly, Air Twister is a sort of updated Space Harrier.

With particularly well-designed tactile controls, an assumed arcade side and a truly original soundtrack, Air Twister is both a very good mobile game and a nice modernization of a classic.

But rather than expand, we refer you to our review, published when the game was released:

Another pearl! Grindstone looks a priori to be mistaken for a match-3, or one of those puzzle games that abound on mobile blinds. However, nothing to see! It’s a puzzle game, but of those who know how to stand out…

It embodies a barbarian who must fight his way through the hordes of monsters that stand in his way. To progress, you will have to create a path (by “drawing” it on the screen with your finger) from one creature to another, on the condition that all the monsters have the same color. But be careful not to end up in front of an angry monster, which would attack and cause you to lose one of your three life points.

And then, as the game progresses, we will collect plans to make weapons that will offer special abilities (eliminate a monster from a distance, teleport the barbarian…), we will meet more powerful monsters requiring certain conditions to be beaten…

Grindstone is both the immediate simplicity of one of these classic mobile games, but a bit of the depth of gameplay of a strategy game… And all wrapped up in a colorful and fun AD that doesn’t spoil nothing…

You may have understood it as you read, our selection comes from the Apple Arcade catalog, the on-demand game service offered to owners of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, etc.). ). For €5 per month, you can choose from the hundreds of games available, some of which have been developed exclusively for the catalog. And if the principle of subscription puts you off, don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection of games for Android phonesall of which are also available on iOS!

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iPhone – Five games to try right away on your new Apple device!

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