iPhone: Android users drive better than iOS users?

Are iPhone owners worse drivers than Android owners? The answer is without appeal.

You have an iPhone and you don’t drive well? Do not panic ! A recent study has highlighted the fact that iOS users are less good drivers than Android users. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

iPhone user = bad driver

A recent study by Jerry, a company that provides an auto insurance comparator in the United States, according to Presse Citron, reveals that iPhone users would be less good drivers than Android users. Ouch!

In fact, to arrive at this conclusion, the company has assessed more than 20,000 cases. In total, 13 million kilometers were traveled over ten days. And the least we can say is that the result is final.

Those who use iOS are much less skilled at the wheel. Our colleagues explain that 6 parameters were taken into account to advance this theory.

Starting with the average score, but also distraction, speed, turns, acceleration and finally, braking.

One thing to know is that iPhone users had a much lower score than Android users.

The worst category? The distraction. Eh yes ! Those who own an iPhone use their smartphone much more while driving. One thing not to do… Unless you want to have an accident.

“Aside from preferred smartphone operating systems, older people who are married, homeowners, who live in the Midwest, have a bachelor’s degree or more advanced degrees and higher credit scores had the highest scores. high overall. »

But that’s not all ! Jerry also added: “This was also true for Android and iOS users separately.”

Besides, even Android lovers without situation had better results. MCE TV tells you more!

A serious study conducted by Jerry

Android users have outperformed every time. Often in a way that worked against the factors leading to higher scores overall. Single Android users, for example, beat out married iPhone users.

And to continue as follows: “Non-owners using Android beat iPhone owners. And so on… ” This is what we could read in the report.

But beware ! Having an iPhone isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, this mobile allows to highlight other qualities. They are able to feel many more emotions. A very good thing.

This is what explains their scores. According to the report, they are even less predictable. And that’s not all ! If they are not driving aces, they have more luck in love. Especially on dating sites..

Anyway, it made it possible to put your finger on a major problem. Namely, the use of iPhone or Android while driving.

In France, this is a real scourge. Numerous accidents are created because of this mania…Study or not, so it’s high time to change things. And become more responsible!

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iPhone: Android users drive better than iOS users?

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