iPhone: 7 tips to protect your phone from overheating!

Is your iPhone at risk of overheating this summer with the high temperatures? So do not hesitate to follow these few tips to preserve it!

To protect your iPhone from overheating, there are simple tips. If you want to allow your smartphone to last over time, follow them without hesitation! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

7 tips to protect your iPhone from overheating this summer

You love your iPhone and want to protect it so it lasts a long time waiting for the release of the iPhone 14 ? However, we know that Apple smartphones have a nasty tendency to overheat ! Especially during the summer!

To the point that recently, there have been a few explosions of telephones! So to prevent your phone from suffering too much from the heat, there are however a few tips. Apart from not using it at all of course!

To preserve your beloved phone, MCE TV gives you some simple tips to put in place. To avoid heatstroke to your device next season, follow the guide!

Adjust some settings on your phone

First, try changing some settings on your iPhone to prevent it from heating up. The smartphone screen is a big consumer of energy.

In fact, set the brightness to the lowest possible level! When you’re not using your iPhone, also turn off mobile data. Preserve it too by putting it in airplane mode. And disable Bluetooth and WiFi when possible!

Use apps to warn you of overheating

We don’t always think about it, but these apps can be very useful to you. Nevertheless, Apple offers this feature built-in. If your phone is overheating, then you will receive an alert directly on your screen. Not bad !

iPhone the 7 tips to protect your phone from overheating!

Remember to cool your iPhone

Like us, phones need freshness in summer. Then consider buying him a small fan to allow him to stay cool even when he’s running hard!

Companies like Realme manufacture this kind of very useful accessory to cool the battery of your smartphone. Tight budgets meanwhile will find affordable phone fans available on Amazon.

Place your phone on a flat surface while charging

Here’s another trick that we don’t always think about! To prevent it from overheating, keep your phone on a flat surface when charging it. This allows to better dissipate the heat!

Do not use iPhone while charging

This is common sense advice. And yet, not using your iPhone while it charges is a solution that saves you from overheating. So prefer to let it charge, and then only start using it.

Do not put it in the refrigerator!

So yes, your iPhone needs just like you to cool off this summer! But not this way! To preserve your phone, avoid placing it in the refrigerator!

Because the electronic material of this one would not survive there! Sudden temperature changes are poorly tolerated by the iPhone. So, forget the freezer, the fridge and even the cooler at the beach!

Protect it from the sun

As for our skin, the sun is the enemy of the iPhone. Whether you want to preserve its battery, never place it near a window that receives direct sunlight. Or outside in the middle of the afternoon when you are outside.

Leave it in your bag and take it out when the temperature drops a bit! With these few tips, you should be able to avoid heatstroke on your iPhone during the summer.

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iPhone: 7 tips to protect your phone from overheating!

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