iPhone 6S: actor Chris Evans balances on the faults of the phone!

Chris Evans has just changed iPhone. Until now he had an iPhone 6S. So he decides today to change!

Chris Evans is not on the cutting edge of technology. Indeed, the actor has just abandoned his iPhone 6S! While this model came out a very long time ago. He then made a tribute publication on his Instagram account.

Chris Evans changes phones

On Instagram, Chris Evans shows that he is changing his phone. And we notice that his old iPhone still has a button! It is therefore an old model! So we can say that the actor is not at all addicted to new technologies.

For the occasion, the actor of Captain America made a publication in tribute to his faithful companion. ” We will have come a long way together. I will miss your home button » he wrote in the description of the Instagram photo.

It’s true that there’s always a bit of nostalgia when you change phones. This object follows us in our daily lives. So, we say goodbye to a friend! But despite everything, Chris Evans is ironic about the faults of his iPhone.

I won’t miss the night battle trying to get you charged. Or your grainy photos. Or the sudden drops from 100% battery life to 15%, to completely dead within minutes. It was a mad rush. Rest in peace, friend.”

A very funny text which shows that Chris Evans will have used his iPhone until the end of his life! Now the actor is buying a newer model. He could have waited until September to have the new model, the iPhone 14 !

iPhone: new models

The flaws that Chris Evans talks about are not very surprising. Indeed, the iPhone 6S was known for not having a great battery. It must be said that this model was released in 2015, over 7 years ago! A somewhat outdated model.

Especially since Apple no longer allowed this model to support new updates. So there was nothing more to do! Since then, much more efficient models have been released. And Apple continues to improve.

In September, the iPhone 14 should be released. And its design will be a bit different. Already, there will no longer be the small black notch at the top of your screen. Apple decides to remove it when we had all been attached to it since the iPhone X!

There will be other changes. We are thinking, for example, of a rumor that is circulating at the moment. It could be that the next iPhone has 2 storage terras. Of course you will have to pay a supplement to have this possibility.

In addition, the mini model of new smartphones should disappear at the start of the school year. There will therefore no longer be this cheap model. and very small which could still be very useful. And at the moment, Apple is not yet copying Samsung on the folding model.

This Samsung model was a real success. But for the moment, its competitor is therefore not launching the foldable range. To see later! In any case Chris Evans was right to throw away his 6S. The next one will be much better!

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iPhone 6S: actor Chris Evans balances on the faults of the phone!

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