iPhone: 5 applications to (finally) keep your good resolutions

iPhones are full of applications of all kinds, but some can help us keep our good resolutions.

The transition to the new year is often the moment chosen to launchresolutions, objectives to be achieved over the next 12 months. If in the vast majority of cases, these ideas are abandoned before the end of January, our iPhones are full of applications helping to hold and finally achieve the objectives set.

On the App Store, there are millions applications, and many offer the same service. It’s hard to know which one to choose. Here is a selection of five of the best iOS apps to start the year 2023.

Strava: get in shape

Strava is the go-to app when it comes to running or cycling. Used by millions of people, it allows you to record your outings and follow your progress. With its paid offer, Strava provides access to more data such as the different heart zones.

© Strava/AppStore

This application, easy to use, has a “community” tab which allows you to join clubs and follow the progress of your friends. The application will be a companion of choice for all those who wish to get into sport for this year 2023.

You can download Strava on iPhone by clicking on this link.

Yuka: for a healthier plate

Yuka is a must on iPhone. Already used by millions of people in France, the application scans barcodes and assesses the impact of a product on the health of the user. Preservatives, nutrients, so much data that is combed through.

© Yuka

Yuka now works with food products, but also cosmetics. The database is regularly updated. With a simple color code ranging from green to red, it recommends the best products for users’ health. An essential to take care of your health.

You can download Yuka on iPhone by clicking on this link.

QuitNow! : stop smoking (for good)

Each year, 66,000 people die prematurely from tobacco in France. A figure that is slowly decreasing as the risks around cigarettes are now well known. With QuitNow, the user starts a countdown. From the moment he stops smoking, the money saved, but also the benefits of this cessation for his body will be notified to him.

© Qutinow/App Store

As with Strava, the application relies heavily on the community aspect to maintain the initial motivation. QuitNow connects ex-smokers to help each other. With a simple welcome screen, the application allows users to remember why they wanted to quit smoking.

You can download QuitNow on iPhone by clicking on this link.

For people using an electronic cigarette, a variant of the QuitNow application, QuitVap also exists. You can download it with this link.

Bankin: Scrooge’s dream app

Bankin is a savings management application. The large spreadsheets used in general are here replaced by graphs and pie charts to allow the user to understand how his budget is distributed. The app helps with saving money as well as investing it.

© Bankin / App Store
© Bankin / App Store

It offers advice on the best savings solutions available as well as the possibilities, always at risk, of investment. Like other solutions, it offers cashback offers with partner brands.

You can download Bankin on iPhone by clicking on this link.

SleepWatch: to sleep better

45% of 25-45 year olds suffer from a chronic lack of sleep. In order to learn to sleep again, the SleepWatch app deeply analyzes the user’s sleep. Paired with an Apple Watch, the iOS application tracks heart rate and sleep cycles.

sleep watch
© Sleep Watch

This data is analyzed upon waking up to give advice to the user. Several plans are then presented to him with advice to spend better nights. Sleeping well does not necessarily require sleeping more and what little reflexes can quickly make the difference.

You can download Sleepwatch for iPhone by clicking this link.

iPhone: millions of applications to discover

These five applications presented above may be useful to you in the coming weeks to keep your good resolutions over time.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in these applications, we can recommend Runtastic, the Adidas application for getting back into sport. In order to find the time to decompress, Mon Petit BamBou can quickly become indispensable. Finally, using an application like Cafeyn can be the way to be better informed on a daily basis.

If despite all these applications, you are unable to keep your good resolutions, know that this is the case each year for 85% of French people.

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iPhone: 5 applications to (finally) keep your good resolutions

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