iPhone 14: this exclusive feature is coming to Android!

The war between Apple and Android has not finished lasting! Indeed, the apple rival has just taken a major novelty from the iPhone 14.

In tech, there are rivalries that have always caused a stir. And no doubt you have already heard of the one that opposes Android and Apple! It must be said that these two are constantly sending spades to each other, in an attempt to recover market share… Lately, it’s Android that has hit hard with a novelty taken from the iPhone 14, and which risks thrill the apple brand! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple and Android: the two big tech rivals

The smartphone and tablet market has always been very competitive. It must be said that it affects customers from all over the planet, of all ages and all cultures. Even the natives of the Amazon use cell phones!

Thereby, all means are good to attract consumers. And in an attempt to stand out from each other, Apple and Android regularly challenge each other about the quality of their systems. Moreover, several surveys often attempt to decide between them, in particular in terms of their reliability. An endless rivalry!

But sometimes it’s hard to see clearly, because some studies can be misleading. And as there is several billion euros in play, all shots are allowed to try to tip the scales!

In recent days, Android has therefore caused a lot of ink to flow by revealing a whole new featuretaken directly from iPhone 14. What cause the annoyance of the leaders of Apple… MCE TV tells you more!

Call via satellite: an exclusion from the iPhone 14 “snatched” by Android

It was one of the great novelties of the iPhone 14 at its output. Often a precursor in terms of security, the giant Apple had not failed in its standards with this exclusive technology. In fact, imagine thatshe has already saved lives !

But it seems that the announcement of this feature did not fall on deaf ears… And yes, Android is preparing to integrate it on your smartphones ! Just that !

And the surprises don’t stop there! Indeed, thanks to their new chip Snapdragon SatelliteAndroid smartphones could even become better than iPhones for such calls. A big promise!

For the moment, this new processor would aim to “bringing satellite connectivity next-generation high-end Android smartphones”according to our colleagues from JVTECH. But there is no doubt that such a system will be extended to the general public in the near future!

But then, what is this famous feature of calling via satellite? Well, it simply allows you to enter into contact with the emergency services in the “white zones”. You know, those places where even text messages don’t go through…

And thanks to its large network of satellites, chipmaker Qualcomm ensures “great coverage from pole to pole ». Apple can therefore tremble, because the competition is fierce!

Finally, the service should come into effect this summer but will only concern “next generation smartphones”. In the future, Android also hopes to expand this system “to devices other than smartphones”. To be continued…

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iPhone 14: this exclusive feature is coming to Android!

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