iPhone 14 Plus: Features, Price and News

iPhones are iconic products of the mobile phone industry in the United States and around the world. Designed by Applethese phones are very popular and represent a large share of the market thanks to the tradition established by the founder of the brand, Steve Jobs. Every year, we are entitled to a new generation of iPhone straight from the Apple factory.

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This time it can be difficult to navigate, among all the information available on the iPhone 14 range, especially on iPhone 14 Plus. For this reason, we are going to focus on the features of the iPhone 14 Plus, to help you better understand what this smartphone has to offer!

The main features of the iPhone 14 Plus

Processor A15 Bionic Apple
Camera 12 MP main camera
Internal storage 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
RAM memory 6 GB
Battery 4325mAh
Screen size 6.7 inches
Definition/Display 2778 x 1284 pixels
Weight 203g


The A15 Bionic is the processor that is installed on iPhone 14 Plus. This smartphone 2022 is able to operate with great fluidity. And this, especially with applications deemed heavy like tik tok Where instagram. For this processor, the fineness of the engraving is 5 nanometers.

Such processor performance cannot be valued without a good performance graphics card. That’s why the phone embeds the Apple GPU for a better illustration of your programs which require a good graphic level.

As usual, the IPhone 14 CPU works from 6 cores. This does not prevent a speed in the use of the device!

Operating system

The iPhone 14 Plus can count on IOS 16 for its operation. It is the operating system that drives the entire smartphone. Fairly good news for those accustomed to Steve Jobs brand phones. This version makes many better existing functions and adds more personality to your phone.

Credits: Apple
Credits: Apple

You will have, for example, the ability to customize your wallpaper and your screen saver. Manga lover? You will be able to program various news apps to receive stylish custom notifications every time a manga scan appears!

Also, you can easily use your favorite applications! From a converter mp3 youtube to listen to music on the app netflix for your evenings Netflix & chill, it will be ecstasy. Finally, it will be Siri which will act as a voice assistant for your handling and for any other use.


This apple-smartphone, iPhone 14 Plus has many features to interact with other technological tools.

About the network, it is a dual SIM phone compatible with nano Sim and eSIM. For the internet connection, it will be up to your operator to update! Indeed, this smartphone is compatible with 5G! How to dream better for stream at high speed “V” its Netflix movies or series?

And, if you have Internet access via internet box, you can rely on the phone’s built-in Wi-Fi! Also, with a bluetooth headsetyou can listen to music on Deezer through the option Bluetooth 5.3 of the smartphone. It should also be noted that the functionality NFC is available and makes it possible to forget the absence of infrared. In addition, you can also navigate in town without difficulty thanks to the Built-in GPS.

iPhone 14 Plus RAM and Storage

The iPhone 14 Plus has a memory 6 GB RAM, which allows you to fully exploit all your applications without difficulty. Even when you are using many heavy apps at the same time, your device will not slow down. When it comes to storage memory, there are three options to choose from.

Credits: Apple
Credits: Apple

The first is a model with 128 GBthe second is a model with 256 GB. Storage capacities already offering great security for your files. That said, you can opt for a model with a memory of 512 GB if you need more space.


iPhone 14 More is a large-screen smartphone that gives you a great view of your smartphone thanks to its 6.7-inch screen for a resolution of 2778 x 1284 pixels. Better, you can enjoy your favorite programs on Amazon Prime Video optimally, with exceptional image quality thanks to its OLED panel !

Also, this type of screen offers a almost infinite contrast and colors close to reality : which renders the visual to ” Breathtaking “. To better understand, imagine for a moment a close-up of the face of Leonardo DiCaprio in Tea great gatsby : you might think you are in the same room as him! And that’s not all ! Finally, if you are looking for a phone that takes care of your eyes, know that iPhone 14 Plus has a screen Super Retina XDR! It will allow you to enjoy all the features of your device without eyestrain.


The iPhone 14 Plus is equipped with a 4325 mAh battery, offering slightly longer autonomy than the Pro or basic versions of this same range. This feature allows you to take full advantage of your smartphone and its features without having to worry about running out of battery.

The latter is non-removable and of the LiPo. In fact, you can charge it wirelessly with a 20 Watt fast charger. Ideal for recharging your phone quickly and efficiently when you need it.


the camera module of the iPhone 14 Plus is exceptional thanks to its unique configuration. In the back, you have two 12-megapixel sensors : the main lens and the ultra-wide-angle. Then at the front you also find a camera frontal of 12 megapixelsallowing you to capture all your best moments without worrying about image quality.

Credits: Apple
Credits: Apple

Also, the optical image stabilizer and other features further enhance the photography experience with this iPhone. You can also count on a LED flash to add light in situations where it is lacking – in the middle of the night for example. Finally, you can also record videos in resolution [email protected] IPS, for stunning image quality.

Design and ergonomics

the design of the iPhone 14 Plus is made of aluminumwith a glass back and a screen protected by the Ceramic Shield. Despite this alloy of materials that may seem fragile, this phone remains solid thanks to its index IP68, which makes it waterproof. This means that you will be able to use your iPhone 14 Plus in the water, but it is important not to abuse it! Indeed, the sealing of this iPhone is especially useful for protect the screen against splashes.

Besides, in terms of dimensions, the iPhone 14 Plus weighs 203g and measures 160.8mm in height, 78.1mm in width and 7.8mm in thickness. You can get this technological gem for about 1169 euros, non-promotional price, which can be reduced during special offers. But then why wait to get the iPhone 14 Plus?

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iPhone 14 Plus: Features, Price and News

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