iPhone 14: looking good in selfies could cost you more

Apple shouldn’t wait for the iPhone 15 to improve its smartphone’s selfie module. The iPhone 14 would have a new, more efficient camera, but it could increase the final price of the device.

The iPhone 14 is getting closer and one of the big improvements would be the selfie camera. Expected for the month of September, the future smartphone is mainly talked about for the probable disappearance of the notch. Apple would also seek to improve the quality of its front camera. Dedicated to selfies and video calls, it is part of the configuration of smartphones with the rear photo block. However, the photo component is essential on premium smartphones.

According to South Korean site ET News, the iPhone 14 will use a new selfie module from South Korea. An event for the apple brand that would turn for the first time to a Korean supplier to improve the front camera from his smartphone. It would also reflect a change of strategy for Tim Cook’s group.

“According to industry sources, Apple recently decided to install products from LG Innotek for the first time for the front camera of the iPhone 14, which is expected to be released in September. Apple has informed its main partners. LG Innotek has started preparing for mass production of the iPhone 14 front camera,” ET News said.

Apple had originally planned to integrate this front sensor on the iPhone 15, which is due for release next year. The company should have finally reconsidered its plans after discovering that its usual Chinese suppliers had encountered quality problems during testing. Along with Sharp, Chinese manufacturers – whose identities have not been revealed – were the main suppliers of iPhone photo modules. If the Japanese firm seems to retain the favors of the Cupertino giant, this is not the case for Chinese suppliers who have been pushed aside in favor of LG Innotek.

The selfie camera of the iPhone 14 would cost three times more than the current one

However, this change would not be not without impact on the cameras and the price of the iPhone 14. Currently, the front camera would be only a third of the unit price of the rear camera and would be considered a low-cost component. Turning to South Korean industry, the camera would now become a high-end component.

Indeed, the unit cost would be three times higher due to the improvements wanted by Apple. In particular, it is a question of adding a autofocus on camera, according to ET News. These noises of corridors join the recent predictions of the inevitable Ming-Chi Kuo.

On Twitter, the analyst explained last April that the entire iPhone 14 range was going to integrate a better selfie camera. “The front camera of the four new iPhone 14 models expected in the second half of 2022 is expected to upgrade to AF technology (autofocus) and a aperture approx. f/1.9 (compared to FF (fixed focus) and f/2.2 for the iPhone 13)”, he explained. And to add: “Autofocus (AF) support and a lower f-number [une ouverture plus grande, NDRL] achieve better shallow depth of field effect in selfie/portrait mode. Besides, AF can also improve focus effect for FaceTime/video call/live streaming”.

Indeed, this new camera could deliver better results when the light fails. It would also improve background blur (bokeh) for portraits. Interesting novelties that will have to be confirmed by Apple, during the presentation of the iPhone 14.

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iPhone 14: looking good in selfies could cost you more

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