iPhone: 10 tips shared by Apple with iOS 16

In a new video, the American firm unveils a series of 10 tips to help iPhone users take advantage of the features launched with the iOS 16 updatelaunched in September 2022.

1. Crop an image from a photo

This new clipping tool launched with iOS 16 allows you to extract an element from a photo (person, animal, object, etc.), copy it and send it to your contacts. To use it, it’s very simple: you just have to make a long press on the image present in the Photos gallery of your smartphone, then, by releasing, select the option To copy which is displayed. You just have to paste your image in a message, for example.

Good to know: this trick also works from a video, putting the content on Pause.

iPhone: how to use the photo cropping function with iOS 16

2. Apply style effects to your photos on the lock screen

The personalization of the lock screen (color of the date, display of the time, addition of widgets) is one of the flagship new features released during the iOS 16 update. To go further, Apple offers you the ability to apply stylish effects, including filters to your photos from the lock screen editor. To do this, swipe left and scroll through the different effects available to customize your image.

iPhone: how to customize your locked screen with iOS 16

3. View saved Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

Another very practical feature, if you switch from a Wi-Fi network to a computer and need to add the password on a new device, it is now possible to display the code on your smartphone. To access it, head into Settings > Wi-Fi, and tap the information button shaped like an “i” in a circle to bring up the connection information. On the line Password, tap the hidden characters, unlock them via Face ID or Touch ID to find out the code. You can also copy the password by pressing the corresponding button just above the code.

4. Create a shortcut to write your messages with the Replace function

If you often use the same phrase or expression in your messages or emails, this trick is for you! You can create a shortcut to type to make the full word or phrase appear in your next written messages. To create this replacement text, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Replacement. Press the “+” button located at the top right of your screen, then add the name of the expression in the upper field, and the desired word or abbreviation below. By default, Apple offers “jrv” for “I’m coming”! “. Open your messaging or email application, write the shortcut to display the entire phrase followed by a space for it to appear in your message.

iPhone: how to edit or delete a sent message with iOS 16

5. Add Low Power Mode in Control Center

If you don’t have your charger or an external battery nearby, this trick can be very useful. When you run out of battery, or if you want to save what you have left before putting it back on charge, you have the option of easier access to low power mode by adding it within the control center. To do this, simply go to Settings > Control Center. Press the “+” button located to the left of Energy saving mode to add it to the included commands. Open the control center and tap on the corresponding icon to activate it.

iPhone: How to Add Battery Percentage on Lock Screen with iOS 16

6. Select multiple photos simultaneously

It can be quickly constraining to have to select one by one the images that you want to move from one application to another. Apple saves you time again with this multi-tasking feature. First select a first photo by tapping on it, then keep your finger pressed, move them on your screen and choose other photos to add. These will stack on top of each other. You can then drag the block with all your photos to other locations on your device.

iPhone: how to delete your duplicate photos easily with iOS 16

7. Quickly open the camera from the lock screen

If you need to take a photo quickly, you have several options. You can either long press the camera button located at the bottom right of your lock screen, or swipe left. And voila !

8. Instantly translate text from the camera with Live Text

This feature, which is available with iOS 15 and above, allows you to automatically translate text from your iPhone’s camera. To do this, simply point your smartphone camera at your text, press the icon Live Text available at the bottom right of your screen, then select the function Translate. The text will be translated into the language usually used on your device.

Good to know: this trick also applies to photos or videos that you have already taken in the Photos application.

iPhone: How to Extract Text from Video with Live Text on iOS 16

9. Scan a document from your iPhone with the Notes application

It can also be very useful to scan an important document (an invoice, an identity document, etc.) from your iPhone. To do this, open the Notes app, tap the camera icon, and select Scan documents. Point the camera at your document, the application will frame it automatically and correctly so that it is readable and has no reflections. Once the document is captured, you can either press To resumebottom left, if you are not satisfied with the capture, or Keep scanbottom right, to save it.

10. Easily find the first photo taken with your iPhone

This trick will delight the most nostalgic, or the most curious iPhone users. Apple reveals this last trick to access in one click the very first image you have taken from your device. Open the Photos app and tap on the top edge of your screen. The library will automatically scroll to the beginning of your photo series, from your photo library, an album, or in search results.

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iPhone: 10 tips shared by Apple with iOS 16

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