iOS 16’s new lockscreen is “an act of love” for Federighi

ios 16 iconAfter an intense week marked by WWDC 2022, managers Craig Federighi and Alan Dye discussed one of the main changes brought by iOS 16, the redesign of the lock screen. In an interview with TechRadarthe two managers point out why Apple has decided to revamp this part of the iPhone now.

The logical next step for Apple

It all started with iOS 14 when the company allowed users to add customizable widgets on the home screen. At the same time, the American manufacturer also introduced the application librarywhich allowed users to remove app icons they didn’t want to see all the time, as well as entire pages.

Subsequently, Apple added the focus mode to set which apps are allowed to display information based on the time of day. And suddenly iOS 16 used all of that on the lock screen by making it customizable.

ios 16 lockscreen edition examples

Some examples made on beta 1

Craig Federighi said:

We saw a real opportunity to take this area that has evolved really slowly over time, but never seen this kind of big leap forward, and do something really big – but something very Apple. and very personal. So it’s an act of love this year.

Alan Dye said Apple’s goal “was to make the iPhone even more personal” since the lock screen is “the iPhone icon”.

During the interview with TechRadar, we learn that Apple had considered completely changing the lock screen. But as the iPhone is very recognizable thanks to its large clock centered on the upper part, Alan Dye decided to keep it and offer colors and fonts.

Typography is our huge passion, that of the design teams, and we have a number of other Apple-designed typefaces, even a few non-Latin scripts. So, for the first time, we let users choose their favorite.

Unsurprisingly, Apple borrowed an idea from the Apple Watch from the iPhone by letting a portrait photo appear in front of the clock, providing an effect of depth. Craig Federighi explains the company’s use of machine learning to add this capability:

There are actually a dozen neural networks that judge the photo based on whether it’s a desirable subject, whether there are people there, how they are framed and cropped in the photo, of their expressions. All those things that allow us to automatically bring up some really cool, compelling options for people, and then render them on screen in a way that makes them feel almost brand new.

In fact, it wasn’t just the Portrait watch face that inspired Apple to change the lock screen, but also the watch’s complications. Something we had already explored in our concept iOS 14 two years ago.

Of course, we took a lot of inspiration from the complications of the Apple Watch when designing these widgets that make it much easier to get information at a glance.

Craig Federighi also explained the intentionality behind the placement of the widgets balancing customization with consistency of the iPhone interface.

It would have been very easy for us to say, “Hey, drag anything anywhere. Honestly, technically that wouldn’t have been a challenge.

The interview touches on many other points such as focus integration, the possibility of easily cut out an object from a photoand more.

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iOS 16’s new lockscreen is “an act of love” for Federighi

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