In which country do we find the most efficient 5G? Ookla reveals the ranking!

5g icon5G is the latest mobile standard that provides faster download speeds on compatible smartphones. Today, almost all operators in the world offer 5G plans and a 5G network, however, it is not the same 5G everywhere because of the frequencies. Some operators will use those that are the most efficient, others will want to save money by recycling 4G frequencies!

South Korea and the United Arab Emirates are among the good students

In its most recent study on the state of 5G around the world, Ookla looked at availability, performance by nation, overall performance, and more. Not surprisingly, France does not appear in the top 10 countries that offer the best 5G speeds, we mainly find countries that started rolling out the latest mobile standard long before France!

In the third quarter of 2022, speed tests carried out on Speedtest by Ookla in 5G all over the world revealed an average of 168.27Mbps going down and 18.71Mbps climbing. Downstream throughput is 1% faster compared to the same quarter in 2021 and upstream throughput is 12% slower compared to the same period last year.
Operators seem bet everything on the downlink speed while forgetting a little the needs of their subscribers vis-à-vis the uplink speed.

5g in the world

Speedtest explains in its report:

5G is no longer a new technology, however, consumers in many countries are still waiting to see the full benefits of 5G (or even connect to 5G at all). We looked at Speedtest Intelligence® results data from Q3 2022 to see how 5G performance has changed since last year, where download speeds are fastest at a country level, and how satellite technologies offer additional options for logging in. We also looked at countries that don’t yet have 5G to understand where consumers are seeing improvements in 4G LTE access.

Among the countries where we identify the best download speeds in 5G, we find the South Korea. Samsung’s home country was first in the third quarter of 2022 and is also in 2022. South Korean operators’ investments in 5G have always been spectacular, they don’t hesitate for a single second to invest in frequencies that will increase download speeds the most. This feat is reflected in the ranking of countries that offer the best speeds.

countries that offer the best 5g speeds

For this third quarter of 2022, Speedtest by Ookla declares that there is only the South Korea and the United Arab Emirates which offer average download speeds of over 500 Mbps, a feat when you look at other countries which are sometimes far from the 500 Mbps mark!

What does the ranking of the countries that offer the best 5G coverage give?

Ookla was also interested in the cover. Having good 5G speeds is good, but having access to a large network in large and small cities is better.
The United States arrive at the first position of countries that offer the best 5G coverage to their citizens based on users of 5G-enabled phones. The 5G availability rate is 54.3%. Cyprus comes second with 47.7% and the South Korea close this TOP 3 with 34.5% of availability.

5g availability by country

The France is in 9th place with a 5G availability rate of 19.3%. Let’s not forget that we take into account the coverage, but also the base of users of 5G compatible phones!

Overall, the results are quite negatives for France, 5G speeds do not even allow us to place ourselves in the TOP 10 of countries that offer the best download speeds. One can also notice the absence of our European neighbors in this same ranking, be it Spain, Italy, Belgium or Switzerland, none offers a satisfactory average for download speed.


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In which country do we find the most efficient 5G? Ookla reveals the ranking!

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