In the Pays d’Auray, they have chosen the mobile home as their second home

” It’s freedom. 600 m2 by the sea: we are not well there? “. Gérard and Murielle* hammer it. They would never have had this comfort with a second home. Gardening boots and secateurs in hand, they are busy transforming the surrounding garden of their mobile home into a haven of peace before the influx of summer tourists. The retirees, originally from Port-Louis, have set up their mobile home at Brénéguy Leisure Camp, in Locmariaquer: land that has belonged to them since 1989 and that they would not leave for anything in the world.

“We are the second generation to come here. I had been coming with my parents since the 1960s for shore fishing. We slept in the tent,” says Murielle. In a corner of the garden, the catch of the day is waiting to be tasted. “They then bought a piece of land on which we put a caravan. But the coastal law has changed everything. We had to move back from the coast line, but we were able to buy another space a little further. Always sea view”.

“It’s a good child”

This village of mobile homes near the Saint-Pierre beach is very quiet, all the neighbors of Murielle and Gérard have not yet arrived. “We don’t always come at the same time, so we take care of other people’s spaces.” Murielle hands out homemade jam. “We picked up the apples from the owner next door to put them in pots”. She intends to give them to him when she returns. “We’re doing each other a favour, the kids are playing with each other: the atmosphere is good-natured!” “.

On the other side of the hedge, Philippe Tréhin enjoys his brand new mobile home. Of course, who says co-ownership says syndic meeting and other administrative joys. But for the couple, it is an opportunity to meet again. No question of taking the lead. The only thing they have in common are the walkways to get to their homes. For the rest, including the connection to wastewater, everyone is free to take care of it. “My parents were the first owners to settle in this area, shares Philippe Tréhin. We pass this area on from generation to generation”. “But it may not last forever, tempers Gérard. Legislation is changing and getting tougher. We are a bit like the irreducible Bretons in mobile homes”.

“I don’t want to repaint my shutters during the holidays”

For Éric Lamirés, nothing beats a camping spot in his mobile home to enjoy his vacation. “We pay our rent and that’s it”. This former employee of a Rennes mobile home company has been coming with his family since 2005 to enjoy the beaches of Morbihan. “We rented land in an open-air residential park for ten years. When the owner decided to sell, we fell back on camping”.

The best choice in his eyes. No question of having to mow or repaint the shutters of his second home as he already has to do for the main one. So the family escapes on the weekends, whenever they are available. “The objective of Friday evening is to come here! It is true that there are more restrictions than being on our own ground. We are dependent on the opening dates of the campsite. But it’s all about choice. The important thing for us is to be cushy”.

*Names have been changed

In the Pays d'Auray, they have chosen the mobile home as their second home

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In the Pays d’Auray, they have chosen the mobile home as their second home

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