In Crach, the choice of mobile home to life, to love

“Living in a mobile home is a lifelong learning experience! », warns Françoise Rolland, 73 years old. The septuagenarian settled on a campsite in Crac’h, a little over a year ago. “A choice of life”, as she says, which has nothing to do with chance. If she says that she has always wanted to live “in a cabin, in the middle of the forest”, it is her love story with Ernestin*, whom she met 18 months earlier, who led her to this small piece of land, in the edge of a wood.

In the adjoining solid outbuilding, the lovebirds pile up their artistic materials. (The Telegram / Moorea Lahalle)

peace and freedom

Before settling here, Françoise first lived part of her life in a 300 m² house. Then, on the death of her husband, she split the house, to live in 65 m², before moving into an apartment. “But that was not my life! she says. Me, I like to put on my boots in the morning, go for a walk with my dog ​​in the forest, be dressed anyhow…” Ernestin, a “bohemian” septuagenarian, as he defines himself, moved to this campsite in 2016. For personal reasons , he wishes to remain anonymous. “I originally bought this mobile home thinking of renting it from Easter to October. And then, friends came, and they made me realize how lucky I was. There was calm, freedom… I stayed, ”he recalls, serving coffee.

His 40 m² mobile home cost him €45,000. He pays less than €500 per month for the plot. Like him, other residents have chosen this way of life here. “Of the fifty or so dwellings, the majority are inhabited year-round. For 20, even 30 years for some,” says Françoise. In the adjacent paths, the flowerbeds are neat, and each plot is beautifully landscaped. Some have even built a pergola to shelter their vehicle. Others have grown a beautiful wisteria or installed an electric gate. Ernestin kept it simple: an awning adjoining his shack, two vegetable plots and space for his motorboat.

Ernestin and Françoise consider each other " privileged ". " Even if at the moment, with business scattered everywhere, it's a bit of a hassle! "laughs the septuagenarian.
Ernestin and Françoise consider themselves “privileged”. “Even if at the moment, all these things scattered everywhere, it takes a little cabbage! laughs the septuagenarian. (The Telegram / Moorea Lahalle)

“There was a line”

Three months after meeting him, Françoise also started looking for a mobile home. “There was a queue!” she wonders again. The first three passed under my nose. The fourth was the good one, installed 400 meters from his dear and tender. She finally just put it up for sale. “Fifteen days after buying it, I had already deserted it for Ernestin’s,” laughs the septuagenarian. And then, I was tired of spending all this time going back and forth between our two accommodations for the slightest forgotten item! “.

The only thing it lacks is space. A couple of artists, they store sewing, illumination and painting materials jumbled up under an already cluttered awning. “Now that my mobile home is for sale, I had to store some of my belongings in a box. The other is in my converted truck, explains Françoise. The top of the top, it would be to be able to buy the mobile home right next door! “.

*Name has been changed.

In Crach, the choice of mobile home to life, to love

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In Crach, the choice of mobile home to life, to love

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