In a Porsche Taycan, you are more likely to have an accident than in a Tesla

According to a recent study, Tesla drivers would be much less likely to have an accident than driving a thermal car or a Porsche Taycan. They would indeed be more attentive and less tired.

Despite what critics say, riding in electric car does not have only drawbacks, quite the contrary. Indeed, the advantages are numerous, starting with driving pleasure and comfort, which we owe in particular to the absence of a heat engine. We also think of the significantly reduced maintenance cost, but also the price of recharging, which remains cheaper than a full tank of gas.

In short, having an electric car is not a punishment. Especially since zero-emission cars – but especially Teslas – would have another advantage, not insignificant and yet still little known. This is indeed what reveals Cambridge Mobile Telematicsa company responsible for collecting data from millions of vehicles on the road.

Electric cars would be safer

Cambridge Mobile Telematics will reveal the detailed results of its study of owners with a connected car and a second thermal vehicle. The researchers also looked at the differences between the manufacturers. These would be rather marked, and in particular for the benefit of Tesla.

Indeed, according to the first data from the study made public, drivers of Elon Musk’s brand models having a second combustion engine car would have 50% less risk of having an accident while driving their electric vehicle only at the wheel of their thermal car. It is the opposite for the owners of Porsche Taycanwho would have 55% more risk of accident. A very clear difference, which would be explained by several factors, related to the behavior of motorists.

According to the study, drivers of electric cars would still generally have more risky behavior, especially in terms of acceleration. Electric cars have an acceleration capacity that is often superior to thermal cars, making an accident more likely in this phase of driving.

The impact of charging

According to data from Cambridge Mobile Telematics, drivers of You’re here would be 21% less likely to use their mobile phone while driving, and would be less likely to exceed speed limits. In addition, still according to the study, the latter would be less tired overall than on board a thermal car. However, the study did not examine the impact ofAutopilot but we imagine that it helps a lot for respecting speed limits and reducing fatigue.

According to the report, autonomy would also have a role to play. Indeed, it is generally necessary to stop more often with an electric car than with a thermal vehicle, which forces drivers to take more breaks. These have the effect of reducing fatigue, and therefore improving concentration, which has a direct impact on the risk of an accident.

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In a Porsche Taycan, you are more likely to have an accident than in a Tesla

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