IKEA unveils Matter-enabled DIRIGERA smart hub and new app

ikea-store ipa ipad iphoneFor almost a decade now, IKEA has launched a number of connected home products, including blinds, lamps and other products powered by its HomeKit-enabled TRÅDFRI gateway. Today, the company announced the release of a brand new smart home hub named DIRIGERA, compatible with Matter, and a new “Home” app.

A Matter compatible hub at IKEA

IKEA announced the news in a Press release today :

The next step in the journey to improve everyday life for as many people as possible and make life smarter is the launch of the Matter Hub for smart products DIRIGERA. With its new software, DIRIGERA is designed to handle more product segments and embed more products than the existing TRÅDFRI gateway. It also enables use of the new, more user-friendly IKEA Home smart app.

mattera collaboration between Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, the Connectivity Standards Alliance and many other companies, including IKEA, has faced multiple delays, with the latest launch slated for this fall.

The goal is to make sure customers know that a smart home device will work with their setup, regardless of manufacturer. This means that an Apple HomeKit product will be able to interact with a Samsung or Google product. Beyond interoperability, it is also about making objects faster, more reliable, safer and easier to use. One of the underlying technologies used by Matter to enable this is Thread. We’ve already seen a number of smart device makers adopt Thread, like Apple with the HomePod minior accessories from Belkin, Nanoleafetc.

ikea matter smart home hub

IKEA says connecting smart devices to the new DIRIGERA hub will be “significantly easier” than with the current TRÅDFRI hub.

In addition to the new Matter hub, the company’s “Home” app will be revamped.

The new IKEA Home app will be convenient, easy to navigate and user-friendly to help people who want to set up a smart home.

The current IKEA smart home app and hub TRÅDFRI will continue to work and, when available, DIRIGERA will work with all existing IKEA smart home appliances.

According to IKEA, the new DIRIGERA hub and new smart home app will be available next October. The company also announced “several more ‘new smart home products’ coming in the future.”

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IKEA unveils Matter-enabled DIRIGERA smart hub and new app

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