Ideal for boosting the sound of your TV, this Bose soundbar is 40% off

If you want to improve the sound of your TV at a lower cost, this good plan should interest you. Indeed, the Bose TV Speaker is only 179 euros, instead of the usual 299 euros. Something to make your content more immersive.

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To improve the sound experience during your movie nights, nothing better than a soundbar. And on the Bose side, the TV Speaker reference brings better sound to your TV, thanks to speakers oriented to provide fuller sound in the room. It is certainly not accompanied by a subwoofer, but manages to offer rich and deep bass. And the good news is that it now costs 120 euros less on Amazon.

What to remember about the Bose TV Speaker

  • Compact and simple to install
  • Deep bass and clear sound
  • Bluetooth-enabled

Initially at 299 euros, then discounted at 249 euros, the Bose TV Speaker soundbar is now available on Amazon at only 179 euros.

A small soundbar that will find its place

To begin with, the design of this soundbar is elegant and minimalist, a beautiful object that benefits from good manufacturing quality worthy of Bose.

One of the great things about the TV Speaker is its size, it’s only 59cm in width, can fit easily in front of the vast majority of 50+ inch TVs, and it won’t encroach on the bottom either. of the image with its 5 cm height. It will easily be placed on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall discreetly, especially since it weighs only 2 kilos, which makes it very light and easy to move.

Powerful for its size

For its format, the Bose soundbar provides good sound reproduction. It has two loudspeakers oriented to provide a wider listening experience and a central loudspeaker that optimizes the rendering of voices. Moreover, there is a modeDialoguewhich will analyze what you are watching and improve the rendering of voices to allow you to hear and understand each word clearly.

And if the Bose TV Speaker does not have a subwoofer, it will still be effective thanks to the “bass» which allows to obtain more depth and to amplify the sound rendering. It is possible to activate it from the remote control, just like the Dialogue mode. On the connectivity side, it is also Bluetooth compatible to allow you to broadcast the sound of your phone on it. It will make a good connected speaker to listen to your favorite music and podcasts. Finally on the connection side, you can count on an optical input, but no HDMI port.

How to choose your soundbar?

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Ideal for boosting the sound of your TV, this Bose soundbar is 40% off

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