Hubei Mobile improves its services for the elderly with additional “volunteers of love” in its salerooms

Never forgetting the original intention of solving people’s worries, the intricacies warm people’s hearts. After installing “love stations” in its sales rooms, Hubei Mobile has taken a new initiative to provide warm services. Recently, Hubei mobile set up “love volunteers” in part of its sales halls for the elderly and other groups to provide exclusive one-to-one services.

“The volunteers of love for the service of the elderly are very caring, for me it is the solution to a big problem”. The 70-year-old from Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei province, expressed his gratitude for the help given by the volunteers. Not long ago, the old man ran into a cell phone code problem, his children weren’t around, and out in the cold winter streets, looking for help without success, he found himself is anxiously brought to the saleroom for assistance. A “volunteer of love” first patiently reassured the old man, let him rest, offered him hot water, busied himself with helping him out and solving the problem.


(Wang Zheng / People’s Daily Online)

Hubei Mobile has built “love stations” in accordance with the construction standards of fixed places, complete facilities and management systems in some directly managed stores in the province, regularly providing daily resting places and comforting services to sanitation workers, couriers and other city builders, and running “Silver Age Classes” for the majority of its elderly clients, providing services for pregnant women and others to perform active care and services.

In the auction house on Changgang Street in Wuhan, Hubei Mobile has set up a “knight’s corner”. It is specially for couriers and meal deliverers to provide them with daily tea, charging and many other extended services, so that they find a resting place and can feel a different kind of warmth.

In the sales room on Jiefang Street in Suizhou, the “elderly people’s service corner”, there are special seats for the elderly to allow them to rest, but also a presbyopia mirror, a magnifying glass, a water fountain and other service facilities. At the same time, the auction house optimizes and simplifies the process, catering to the needs of older users as much as possible, so that they no longer have to run with the unique solution offered to them.

“These additional love volunteers will provide exclusive face-to-face services to the elderly and other groups, and regularly post information about public assistance services to further improve the digital level of the care service of the love station,” the Hubei Mobile manager pointed out.

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Hubei Mobile improves its services for the elderly with additional “volunteers of love” in its salerooms

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