Huawei Mate 50 Pro: the new alternative to Android and iOS opens the doors to a rich ecosystem

With its new Mate 50 Pro, Huawei is launching a true photography champion and once again demonstrating that it is possible to experience mobility to the full without Google services. Presentation of an ecosystem full of the future.

Huawei has just formalized the French launch of its latest product the Mate 50 Pro, a high-end multi-talented smartphone. Faithful to the DNA of the range, this powerful mobile innovates, and this in particular on a field dear to the manufacturer: the photo.

Thus, it is the first smartphone with an ultra-wide aperture camera (up to f / 1.4), an aperture that can also be adjusted mechanically up to f / 4. The new Mate also packs a telephoto lens that offers 3.5x optical zoom and even 100x hybrid zoom. Its elegant case incorporates a comfortable 4,700 mAh battery compatible with 66 watt fast charging and 50 watt wireless.

This Mate works with the latest version of Huawei’s interface, EMUI 13, which brings its share of novelties and intelligent services. With SuperHubfor example, navigation between all your programs (including Microsoft Office) and your devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets) is made easier, the type of novelty that makes Huawei’s ecosystem one of the simplest and richest to understand.

The operating system EMUI 13 from Huawei has ergonomics worthy of the biggest smartphone manufacturers.

© Huawei

Operation without Google is also on the program, but not without your favorite applications! With the tools made available by Huawei, EMUI 13 gives you the opportunity to maintain your habits and even adopt new ones.

AppGallery to download your favorite apps

Life without Google or Apple is possible, provided the user is offered everything he is entitled to expect from a smartphone: good performance and access to the applications used on a daily basis. That’s good, Huawei has boosted its vital forces and worked hard to offer a well-stocked application store.

For this, the Chinese giant has made available to developers Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), a set of APIs and services that greatly facilitate the creation of mobile applications that perfectly meet the daily needs of the most demanding mobile users. Frequently enriched and updated, HMS constitutes the technical foundations of an ecosystem adapted to the uses of today and tomorrow.

Huawei HMS compatible mobile applications, illustration

Thanks to HMS services, most applications and services on the market work natively on the new Huawei Mate 50 Pro smartphone.

© Huawei

Among the hundreds of thousands of programs present in theAppGallery from the manufacturer, you will inevitably find what you are looking for. The most popular – like TikTok, Tinderthe banking app Revolut or, even, AAA video games like Might and Magic – can be downloaded there as easily as from the Google and Apple stores.

Motor strength PetalSearch backup

Huawei powers its AppGallery new things every day. And if you can’t immediately download the app of your choice, the manufacturer has found the solution. Thanks to its powerful search engine PetalSearchtake to the Web to find everything you need.

This tool works like an app store aggregator. You enter the name of the app you are looking for and an exploration is launched to find a way to enjoy your favorite app in a few clicks. It is even possible to install the widget from PetalSearch on your home screen to go faster and find your happiness in just a few seconds.

Safety is also part of it

Huawei does not forget that the security of their data is at the heart of users’ concerns, especially when downloading files. The Mate 50 Pro’s privacy center allows you to check at a glance which risky apps could have access to your personal data, while the security center analyzes the smartphone in order to detect the virus. You can even quickly delete sensitive data that might be embedded in your photos, such as the time and date taken. Efficient.

Screenshot of EMUI 13 OS Security Center

The privacy center allows you to check the security level of your Huawei Mate 50 Pro smartphone at a glance.

© Huawei

A system tailored to the strengths of the Mate 50 Pro

Photography is your main hobby? That turns out well, the new Mate 50 Pro from Huawei is the most advanced smartphone in terms of shooting with its variable diaphragm from f/4 to f/1.4 and its powerful zoom.

To take advantage of your snapshots, you just need to upload to theApp Gallery specialized and reputable apps like Can go, picsart Where Petal Clip. Are you passionate about traveling and hiking? Petal Maps guides you on your travels while travel or outdoor sports apps like bolt, Trivago, Omio or, Komoot accompany you in your motorized and pedestrian leisure activities. See you in theAppGallery to download them!

Screenshot to explain how to update your Huawei smartphone to EMUI 13

The update to EMUI 13 is done in just a few clicks.

© Huawei

Continuously updated services

The Huawei Mobile Services come on top of Android. If you already have a Huawei smartphone, it must be able to run the latest version of the operating system EMUI and of HMS, and therefore benefit from the latest system functions and increased compatibility with most, if not all, of the services on the market. It is best to check that your smartphone is eligible for EMUI 13 and that you have the latest version of HMS.

To do this, open AppGallery and search HMS Core in the area for this purpose. If to the right of the name of the application is displayed the information Update, the version of Huawei services that your phone integrates is not the latest. Perform the update. Once this is done, the information Update will be replaced by the icon Open.

Then, still in theAppGallerygo to Me, Settings, Automatic app updates and activate Automatic app updates to always have the right version of HMS on your Huawei smartphone.

Operating system update EMUI will be carried out via the Settings phone then clicking on System update to check for a new version of the Huawei OS.

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Huawei Mate 50 Pro: the new alternative to Android and iOS opens the doors to a rich ecosystem

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