How to Spy on Your Smartphone (and Why You Should)

Knowing if someone is using your smartphone without your knowledge is quite easy. Just use native iOS and Android features.

Do you feel like your partner is looking into your telephone ? It’s a serious accusation and confronting the other without proof is very risky. If you find yourself in such a situation, having the feeling that someone is looking into your smartphone, iPhone Where androidwhile you sleep, for example, know that there are tools to get to the bottom of it.

Finding out if someone is using your smartphone without your knowledge is quite easy

This trick is revealed by the Redditor georgewastaken3. The post is about the iPhone, but the same method can be applied to android. Regardless of the smartphone, the native usage history feature will tell you if someone has done something. On iPhone, these actions are logged in the Battery or Screen Time summary, while on Android, it’s in Digital Wellbeing.

These three features track your phone usage throughout the day and record when apps or services are used. These tools are useful when trying to limit your screen time or more generally the impact of your phone use on battery life. However, these can also tell you if any activity was recorded while you weren’t using your phone.

Not all activity means your device is compromised, though: apps sometimes work when you’re not using the phone, for innocent reasons or not, by the way. Your email client may have background activity because it checks for new messages even when the app isn’t open. Facebook can also work in the background, to send all your activity to the servers of the Menlo Park firm.

Just use native iOS and Android features

What to look for here are specific activities that occurred at times when you didn’t have your phone. If you see that “Messages” or “Gmail” has been open for 20 minutes at 2 a.m. (and it’s not background activity), that’s a clear warning sign. The same goes for any app on your phone that you know you weren’t using at the time.

For example, on the battery summary on my iPhone, I can tap the battery level graph to see which apps were used at what time. Between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., 4 apps were active, all running in the background. And it’s interesting to see what activity the Photos app has in the background at night, for example. She is most likely busy syncing your photos and videos with iCloud.

If, on the other hand, Photos was active without the “background” label, I could assume that someone was looking at my photos in the middle of the night. Not cool.

Again, be careful if you have to make any accusation. If your partner, or anyone else, is spying on your phone while you’re sleeping, that’s a big scare. But not all such activity may be malicious. Maybe it was your child who got their hands on your smartphone…

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How to Spy on Your Smartphone (and Why You Should)

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