How to scan a document with an iPhone?

Scan a document on iPhone: choice of applications

To scan your documents, it is possible to go through three different applications.

Use the “Mail” application

To scan your document with the “Mail” application:

  • open the “Mail” application;
  • create a new message;
  • click on the small arrow located above the keyboard;
  • select scan mode by clicking on the small framed leaf icon.
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Use the “Files” application

To scan your document with the “Files” application:

  • open the “Files” application;
  • click on the three small dots located at the top left or right;
  • select “Document scanner”.
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If you want the scan to end up in a specific location, select the desired folder. Long press. A bubble that says “New Folder”, “Scan Documents” and “Info” appears. Select “Scan documents”.

Use the Notes app

To scan your document with the “Notes” application:

  • launch the “Notes” application;
  • create a new note;
  • click on the small camera icon;
  • select “Document scanner”.

Scan the document with an iPhone

After following any of the above steps, the iPhone scanner will launch. To scan your document, place it on a flat surface. Ideally, choose a medium that creates contrast with your document. For example, a gray table will create contrast with a white sheet.

Position your iPhone over the document so that it appears on the screen. On the device, a blue frame is superimposed on the document. When the blue frame is stable and correctly covers the document, the shutter automatically takes the photo.

Your document is then displayed on the screen. You can crop it by dragging the four corners of the selection area. When you are satisfied with the result, click “Keep scan”.

If you are not satisfied, click “Resume”. You will then have to go back to the scanning step.

Scan a document in manual mode

If automatic mode does not give you a good result, switch to manual mode.

  • At the top right, click “Auto” and then select “Manual”. The automatic shutter is then deactivated and you must do the framing yourself. Make sure the blue frame covers your document well, then press the shutter button.
  • Your scan is displayed. You can then crop it by dragging the corners, then keep it by clicking “Keep Scan”.

Edit or save scan

After clicking “Keep Scan”, you can either click “Save” or click on the preview of the scan which is displayed at the bottom left. By clicking on “Save”, the scan file is saved on your iPhone. If you click on the scan preview, you can make changes. You can crop it, change its colors, change its orientation, or just delete it. When you have finished editing your scan, you can save it.

How to send the scanned document?

If you scanned your document from the “Mail” application, the scan is found directly in the body of the message. Remember that you need to create a new email to access the scan feature. All you have to do is send the message to the recipient of your choice.

If you used the “Files” application, select the scan file by pressing and holding on it. A menu is displayed with different possible actions. Select “Share” and then select the application with which you want to send your scanned document. To send it by e-mail, select the “Mail” application or any other e-mail application. The scan will then be integrated directly into the e-mail. You can also select other sharing modes, such as SMS and instant messaging.

If you used the “Notes” application, click on the icon representing a small square with an arrow, which is located at the top right of the screen. The app then asks you to choose the app you want to share your scan with. Again, choose your favorite messaging app.

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How to scan a document with an iPhone?

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