How to find your lost Android smartphone?

With the loss or theft of your Android phone, you find yourself in a stressful and delicate situation. Do not panic because there are several ways to find it. In this article, we are going to find out the best ways to secure and locate an Android phone.

What are the ways to find a lost or stolen Android phone?

Once you have lost your phone, it is important to identify what solutions can you take to locate and/or find it.
There are several methods that can help track down an Android phone:

a) Use location services

If you have an Android smartphone, you can use the Android “find my device service”. To activate it, you can use a Google account to log in on any other device and activate this service. Once activated, you will be able to locate the phone remotely from the website “Find my device“or service”Google Find My Device“. In addition to the geolocation on a map, you will be able to read information on the phone, block the screen and send a message to all the people who are near the mobile.

The first service will allow you to select the device of your choice. For this, it will be necessary that the latter is connected with your Google account.

After selecting your device, you arrive on a Google Map. This page is directly accessible via the second link Find My Device.

Find my device

In order to be able to geolocate your phone, the location must be activated on your device. The position of your smartphone will then be displayed on the map.

Other options are also available. Ring your phone will ring it for five minutes, even if it is on silent. Functionality Secure the device will lock the phone, taking care to disconnect it from your Google account. Better still, you can write a message to the attention of the charitable soul who finds your phone.

Securing a lost phone

The person who finds your device can contact you directly.

You can specify another phone number to be contacted 🙂

Finally, the ultimate solution will be toerase device data. In case of theft, this will secure your confidentiality (but you will lose everything if you don’t have a backup!).

b) Install an app for finding the phone

Another option is to install an application specially designed to locate your Android smartphone. One of the best applications for this type of research is “Where’s My Droidwhich can be installed on your device for free. There are also many other apps in the Play Store that can help you locate your Android phone.

c) Configure additional security settings on your Google Account

You can also increase the security of your Google account so that no one can access your information or your phone. You can configure the phone number, password and security questions to ensure that no one can access your account without your consent.

What to do if you can’t find your Android phone?

If you are unable to locate your Android phone, you will need to contact your carrier and explain the situation to them. Your mobile operator can then block the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your device so that it can no longer be used. If the theft has been registered with the authorities, the phone data could also be shared with them.

Do I need to change my personal information after losing my android phone?

If the phone has been stolen, it is recommended to change the password and security information of the associated Google account so that no one can access your data. You should also change your phone number so that no one can contact you if the thief tries to use your old number. Also, if you have sensitive apps or information on your phone, it is advisable to delete them.

Some practical advice to keep at the same time as an android smartphone:

  • Save your data regularly. Backups can help you easily recover certain data if your phone is ever damaged or stolen.
  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unused. Unsecured wireless connections can make it easy to hack your phone.
  • Enable password lock. It is important to always lock the screen with a passcode or fingerprint so that no one can access your personal information.
  • Use an anti-virus app. An antivirus can detect malware and remove it from your phone so that it cannot access your personal data.


Finding a lost or stolen Android phone can be difficult, but there are several solutions that can help you get your device back. By using location services, apps and additional security settings, you will be able to locate and/or find your Android phone. It is important that you take immediate steps to secure personal information on the device and prevent data theft.

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How to find your lost Android smartphone?

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