How to configure guest mode to loan your Android smartphone without fear

How to enable and configure Android Guest Mode. Perfect when you lend your device from time to time.

You may never have realized it, but your Android smartphone can handle multiple user accounts, like Windows or macOS, and while you probably won’t share your smartphone with many people today, the Guest mode can be useful in these situations. This article will walk you through everything you need to know, how to set it up, and enable it if needed. Instructions for Android 13 and a Google Pixel 6 Pro. Depending on the manufacturer and model, they may be slightly different.

To get started, you need to enable multiple users on your device. Go to Settings, then System and Multiple Users. Enable the option and you can add new users and enable guest mode.

It is the Add guest option that interests us here. Once enabled, you will have the option to switch to the guest account, the option to enable or disable calls while on the guest account, and the option to delete the guest account. You cannot add multiple guest accounts. You will need to create users in this specific case. This operation is however more complex, the user having to have a google account, set its unlock method, etc. If you want to share your smartphone on a regular basis – like your child – add said person as a user.

Guest mode, meanwhile, is activated on the same page in Settings, System, then Multiple Users. Depending on the manufacturers and models, activation is often shortcut in quick settings in one way or another. You can go through this too to return to your own account.

If your guest wants to download an app or check out Gmail, they need to enter a Google account. Apps like Google Chrome Where Youtube can be used without an account, and calls are possible if the feature has been activated in the settings.

The main advantage of the guest mode compared to a user account in good and due form, it is the ease of configuration. Each time you enter guest mode, the system asks you if you want to continue the previous session (Yes, continue) or erase everything and start from scratch (No, new session).

Perfect when you lend your device from time to time

It is also not possible for guests to access files or messages on your phone. SMS, emails, recorded photos, nothing is accessible. Guests also can’t change Wi-Fi networks or reset your phone, obviously.

Guest mode also has some privacy protections. When the guest is finished, they can return to the account selection screen and choose “Delete Guest” to erase all traces of themselves.

Android has a useful feature to view the impact of guest mode on your device. If you open Settings, choose Storage, and scroll to the very bottom of the list to Guest, then you’ll see how much space your guest account is taking up on the phone.

The guest mode could be very useful on a daily basis. Currently, there is no similar feature on iOS.

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How to configure guest mode to loan your Android smartphone without fear

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