How Inodesign designs and manufactures its electronic boards and cables near Lille

When Mickaël Coronado, engineer and CEO of Inodesign, created his company 10 years ago, he wanted to go “against a current” habits consisting in obtaining electronic cards and cables from Asian suppliers. He first sets up a design and R&D office and then develops “the integration of all stages of design, manufacture and assembly of electronic products on a single site”in France, he says.

While price was then the first criterion for customers, he bet on production times. “It takes four to eight weeks to start manufacturing a product in Asia, he points out. With us it only takes four hours.” To the price of products made in Asia must be added that of transport, while that of products fromInodesign takes into account a higher labor value. “In the end, we are only 10 to 15% more expensive”says the CEO. As customers are delivered very quickly, they no longer have to manage logistics or storage. They can also change their product plan from week to week, he adds.

Shortened deadlines

On the spot, “The engineers design the cards. This is our strength, insists Mickaël Coronado. We manufacture pre-series and series, cables and we carry out the necessary plastics processing, that is to say all the stages of production of a product electronic”. The products target all markets except the automotive market: data centers, robotics, green tech, etc.

The company, which employs 55 people, is located in Croix, on one of the northern sites of OVH, one of its first customers. Customer and supplier couldn’t be closer. On the first floor of the building, the Sytric area is dedicated to product engineering, design and R&D. The engineers also work there, among other things, on the Inodesign supercomputer, intended to carry out quality and production control.

On the ground floor, in the area called Hemsky, two production lines (double compared to 2021) make it possible to manufacture 20,000 to 25,000 cards per month – and they are currently only running at half capacity, underlines the CEO. The integration workshop is right next door: it is supplied with sheet metal products by Aixmétal, located a few meters away, on the same site.


The Linkable area houses a semi-automatic workshop that produces some of the computer cables, harnesses and electrical harnesses for household appliances, electric bicycles, urban lighting, etc. The other part of these cables is made by seven “homeworkers”, employees who work from home. A little on the model of certain textile workers, in another era, but full-time permanent employees of Inodesign…

We provide them with the kits of the products to be manufactured, the plans, the tutorials and the safety equipment,” says Mickaël Coronado. They come on site one day every two weeks to follow continuing education sessions. According to the CEO, this formula meets all the objectives in terms of productivity and quality (which “close to 100%”). Each type of cord has its own test bench, which also reduces lead times. Soon, Inodesign will release a cable configuration tool to further speed up the process.

A few weeks ago, Inodesign opened a second production site in Avelin, south of Lille. In addition to part of the integration of the cards, the plastic injection, around the connectors for example, is carried out there, as well as the heavy-gauge cables. After being ISO 9001 certified two months ago, Inodesign is working on its UL certification to be able to export to UNITED STATES. And Mickaël Coronado, who is currently taking over 100% of the capital of Inodesign, plans to launch a fundraiser at the end of 2022.

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How Inodesign designs and manufactures its electronic boards and cables near Lille

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