How brands can take advantage of mobile this holiday season

The end-of-year celebrations may still seem a long way off. However, most brands have already started to prepare for it. And this year in particular, marketers have to prepare for several events in a very short period of time – such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas, but also the FIFA World Cup. Attention is therefore already focused on the implementation of marketing strategies, the creation of audience cohorts, the locking of advertising expenditure, etc.

This is also a time when e-commerce marketers place a premium on their mobile offerings. Nothing surprising when you know that applications generate a higher conversion rate of more than 130% to that of the web.

According to data collected in 2021, shopping app downloads increased by 42% in the week leading up to Black Friday, while in-app spending more than doubled (138%). But the latest figures in the field show that the task is likely to be tougher this year. After the last two years of exceptional growth for e-commerce, explained by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector is experiencing a natural slowdown. Thus, in France, e-commerce application installations fell by 51% on Android and 31% on iOS between the first half of 2021 and 2022.

With that in mind, here are 5 recommendations for brands looking to successfully leverage mobile this holiday season:

Start thinking about it now

For many e-commerce retailers, the Christmas period can determine the success or failure of the year. The key therefore lies in launching your marketing campaigns early. Not only will this help your brand get ahead in terms of exposure and awareness, but also in terms of spend. On the other hand, CPI (cost per install) and CPA (cost per action) will increase significantly as these key buy dates approach, so committing to spending as early as possible when media costs are lower, can be a winning strategy.

Leverage your owned media

Many brands now recognize the importance clean channels play in strategies to drive customers to their app. This awareness is largely explained by the restrictions on access to third-party data, but also by the realization that when it comes to acquisition, marketing on specific channels is often much more profitable.

The holiday season presents a great opportunity for businesses to generate excitement and downloads through their own channels – whether it’s an email marketing campaign, social media posts social media or the use of smart banners on browsers. The messages put forward by the brand to convince the consumer to install the application must highlight the advantages of the latter – for example an additional discount for any purchase made from the application. On the other hand, to measure the success of campaigns, the use of deep links and QR codes can be preferred.

Re-engage seasonal shoppers

While regular and loyal customers are the grail of any business, many of them face a large group of “seasonal” consumers, who tend to make purchases during particular events. Identifying these people and making contact with them allows brands to gradually convert them into loyal customers.

Measure the right in-app events

It is important to encourage the consumer to download the application, but it is also necessary that customers make a purchase once the application is installed. However, this is not always the case. A critical situation that brands often face during key marketing events such as Black Friday, where they have a short window of time to stand out.

In addition to the installation of applications, the control of data relating to key events makes it possible to optimize the strategy of marketing managers – engagement rate, conversion, products of interest for loyal customers, products of interest for prospects, etc

Pay attention to the economic context

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, any e-commerce brand must take into account the current economic recession. With the European Central Bank forecasting a recession for 2023, businesses need to take heed of the strain currently on consumer finances. Also, using the holiday season as an opportunity to convert consumers is proving to be a challenge for them. Brands should exercise caution in their marketing messages, limit price increases where possible and avoid encouraging customers to go into debt.

Businesses that take the long view and strive to support their customers in these uncertain times will definitely have a more loyal customer base when the recession is over.

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How brands can take advantage of mobile this holiday season

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