Here is a mobile plan with an excellent GB-price ratio: 100 GB for €12.99/month

NRJ Mobile is back in force at the start of the year with a new 4G plan inflated in GB while remaining at a low price even after the first year, for only 12.99 euros per month. It is without commitment and without condition of duration.

New year, often rhymes with economy and if you have a large consumption of mobile data via your smartphone or your 4G box, you surely need a mobile phone plan specially adapted for your use. Here is a new deal planned for this purpose thanks to NRJ mobile which offers a beefy package of 100 GB at only 12.99 euros per month without the price changing after a year.

This mobile plan at NRJ Mobile, what is it?

  • An indefinitely low price
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS
  • 100 GB in France and 12 GB in Europe/DOM

At the moment, 100 GB package at NRJ mobile is available at only 12.99 euros per month for an indefinite period. You can also pay a little less for this 100 GB plan at 10.99 euros monthlybut for 6 months before returning to 13.99 euros per month.

Bouygues Telecom at the controls

This package with NRJ Mobile gives you access to the Bouygues Telecom network. You therefore benefit from all the network infrastructures of the incumbent operator in France, the overseas departments and Europe. This represents a coverage of more than 99% of the territory, so there is very little chance that you will run out of network.

The package offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number. There are still some limitations such as a maximum of 3 hours per call and within the limit of 129 recipients maximum per month. This figure drops to 99 from the EU and DOM.

Lots of data for all uses

But, the main interest of this package remains the substantial envelope of 100 GB of 4G data in Metropolitan France. With this, your consumption is not likely to be curbed any time soon. You can also enjoy all your digital content – music via Spotify, video viewing on YouTube or Netflix – without fear of cuts. This package is also suitable for use via a 4G box so that your family and friends can benefit from it if you are in an area with little fiber or ADSL connection.

You can even take advantage of this package when traveling, because this package entitles you to 12 GB of 4G data from Europe and the overseas departments. This can greatly help if the Wi-Fi in your hotel or rental is not satisfactory enough.

Similar packages of the moment

How do I keep my number?

You can of course keep your current mobile number by changing the plan. First of all, it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order to obtain the new triple-cut SIM. The change of operator is then made without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and just provide the RIO code of your line when registering. If you don’t know how to do this, see our tutorial to request your RIO.

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Here is a mobile plan with an excellent GB-price ratio: 100 GB for €12.99/month

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