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You have to go out in the evening or go to work and you run out of battery on your iPhone? It will therefore have to be recharged quickly. So find out below some tips to charge your iPhone faster.

Nowadays, more and more smartphones benefit from fast charging technology. For example, Chinese brands like OnePlus Where Xiaomi excellent in this area. However, Apple is a bit late even though the recent iPhone 14 raise the level. Indeed, fast charging still has disadvantages because it generates more heat, which can damage the battery.

So, to overcome the shortcomings of the iPhone, we offer you some tips below to speed up charging your smartphone. Let’s start with the things to avoid.

Avoid old Apple chargers and wireless charging

So certainly, wireless charging can be very practical. Unfortunately, it is longer than with a charger traditional. Moreover, speaking of chargers, you must at all costs avoid old Apple chargers which are clearly dated and no longer powerful enough to quickly recharge your iPhone. Only one exception; the 12V charger that used to come with iPads. It is capable of recharging 40% battery in 30 minutes, that’s already it.

Do not use fast chargers from other brands

Do you know someone who has a Xiaomi fast charger? Bad news: it doesn’t work with iPhones. Sure, they charge your phone but at the same speed as an Apple 5V charger. So it’s not worth it at all.

Use your laptop charger

If you have a MacBook, you can perfectly use the adapter to charge your iPhone. They are far too powerful for an iPhone but since Apple smartphones regulate the power to only use what is needed to recharge, this is not a problem. And it will charge your iPhone as fast as possible. By the way, know that you can also use the computer charger of different brands. Samsung and Huawei computer chargers, for example, work quite well. All you need is a compatible cable.

Here is the best charger to quickly charge your iPhone

Concretely, here are the best chargers to use to maximize the charging time of your iPhone. The best on the market is simply Apple’s 20W USB-C adapter. You won’t find better for an Apple smartphone. It allows you to charge your iPhone to 50% in about 30 minutes, depending on the model used.

You also need to use the right cable to maximize charging. If possible, always try to use a Lightning USB-C cable. We do not advise you to use an unofficial cable, it could cause problems for your smartphone.

A few other tips for maximizing cooldown

Now that you have the right gear, here are some tips for maximizing cooldown:

  • Turn off your iPhone while charging or activate power saving mode.
  • Activate airplane mode while charging.
  • Put your iPhone in charge in the shade, or at least not in direct sunlight.
  • Prefer wall outlets.
  • Remove the protective cover.

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Here are some tips to charge your iPhone faster – Newsmonkey

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