He forces a toll barrier in the Dordogne, the gendarmes find stolen objects in his minivan

The gendarmes of the Bachellerie Motorized Platoon stumbled upon a real Ali Baba’s cave last Thursday. The military tell the story on their Facebook page
this Sunday.

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Initially they are called because a motorist has broken through a toll barrier from the A89 motorway to La Bachellerie. They check the driver, and discover that he is transporting stolen objects in his minivan.

Bicycles, a scooter and electronic equipment

There are bicycles, a scooter, gas cans, sound systems, electronic equipment, but also cables, drills and various tools. They then pass the loading in their file of the stolen objects, and realize that all this material comes caravan flightscommitted last month, a few kilometers away in Gironde.

The driver of the minivan will have to explain himself to Justice. The objects were seized to be returned to their owners.

The gendarmes recall that it is important to note the serial numbers and references of its valuables. Because in case of theft, this is what then allows them to be returned.

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He forces a toll barrier in the Dordogne, the gendarmes find stolen objects in his minivan

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