“Great and ethical (…) I will soon be able to make donations”

At the beginning of the year, a new mobile operator was born, based on an idea from Bouygues Telecom. His name is Sourceand only offersa 4G package with 40 GB at 10 euros all round. The Source plan has the advantage of being a cheap package and one non-binding package. But, it is not only for these two reasons that he deserves to be interested in him.

Concretely, Souce is a blocked plan which ships 40 gigs at €10/month. At this price, you use the Bouygues Telecom network in 4G. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France and from Europe and the overseas departments, areas from which you can also use up to 10 GB of mobile internet. If necessary, you can buy “recharges” at €2 for each additional 5 GB.

The “anti-waste” package: economical and responsible

“It’s not bad to don’t waste my data“, testifies Gaël D. on the site of the operator.

So that’s what you won’t find anywhere else: the assurance that the gigas you paid for will be consumed in full, one way or another. Indeed, according to studies, a French person uses on average only between 11 and 14 gigabytes of mobile data per month, for daily use. However, it is difficult to know how many gigabytes do you need for your mobile plan. Result, for fear of missing out or because the offers of the operators are sometimes oversized in data, we often end up with many more gigas than we really need.

The way we (over) consume directly impacts our carbon footprint. More and more of us are taking this criterion into account in our purchases and uses, but it is more impalpable, almost invisible when we talk about digital and other virtual goods.

Based on this observation, the Source operator proposes to calculate each month if you have unused gigs left. Each of them will be transformed into a “drop” equivalent. These drops are partner’s unit of measure lilo.org, the benchmark French solidarity search engine, which funds dozens of projects of all kinds. Why this name? Because “small drops make big rivers”, of course. The calculation formula is as follows: 1 gigabyte not consumed = 20 drops and 100 drops = 1 euro.

Lilo, the leading solidarity partner

Use the data that I don’t use, instead of losing it, I can make useful use of it“, comments Didier.

I use 10-12 GB per month so that’s enough for me. The rest, I give to Doctors of the World! I recommend for my part.”, says Fred B.

Yes, the idea pleases, and the first subscribers of the year are a priori seduced. It’s simple and practical, like installing Google Black or Ecosia as a search engine. And on the networks, many are those who appreciate the free and flexible system of redistribution which allows convert unused gigas into donations. In effect, it is you who chooses when to give your drops, how much, and to whom.

It’s winter, and the Food from the heart or the Abbé Pierre Foundation especially need help right now. same for me Doctors of the World, currently very present in Ukraine. No need to go so far to find sick people to help and comfort, which Pink Blouses in hospitals and EPHADs. And if you are more sensitive to the Earth and the living things that populate it, Lilo is also a partner of WWFa global and historical reference for the protection of forests, oceans and animals.

Less known perhaps, and yet so necessary for our future, the association Land of Links strives to protect agricultural land, and to encourage the establishment of peasants and peasants in organic farming. And then there are all the others. Hundreds of projects, hundreds of fights to support: Sea Shepherd France for the oceans, hummingbird movement for an ecological and social transition, Mr. Globalizationfor free and enlightened information…

So much for the best known, we let you search among more than a thousand projects, from the smallest to the most international. And you, who would you like to bring a drop to?

We want to give thanks to the writer of this post for this amazing material

“Great and ethical (…) I will soon be able to make donations”

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