Google: security upgrades with virtual credit cards

Google unveiled its new features during I/O 2022. Indeed, the implementation of virtual credit cards is one of the major novelties of this conference. Now they are available on Chrome and Android. At the same time, other measures will strengthen the security of Internet users.

Google adds a feature that goes hand in hand with safety and speed

Google is breaking new ground with the introduction of virtual credit cards. So Chrome and Android users can access it through the Google Pay settings. Indeed, you will avoid manually entering your credit card number with a virtual card system.

With this feature, a virtual number generated by Google replaces the actual card number when auto-filling payment information. In addition to facilitating data entry, this option provides an additional level of security for online purchases.

In addition, malicious sites may attempt to steal your banking information. And this system can in this case protect you. A priori, the project is announced for users of Capital One, Visa and American Express, in the United States. Then, the MasterCard will be included at the end of the year.

Other improvements to Google’s security settings

The American high-tech company has also provided other security measures. Among the novelties, there is the security status of the account. Apparently, a yellow alert icon constantly notifies users of potential vulnerabilities their accounts may be exposed to.

In this way, you are invited to take the necessary measures to make your account more secure. On the other hand, Google has taken the initiative to extend protection against phishing and malware in Workspace.

Now, users of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can take advantage of these same security features. Previously, they were only applied at the Gmail level.

Also with this in mind, registration for two-step authentication (2SV) will be done automatically. Certainly, this security improvement minimizes the risk of account hacking. In addition, it reduces the volume of personal data involved each session.


The Google I/O 2022 conference was an opportunity to share new security features. It goes without saying that the innovation of virtual credit cards has pleasantly surprised. If you’re one of those users confused about your privacy, your trust in Google could be boosted by these improvements.

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Google: security upgrades with virtual credit cards

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