Good resolutions: how to activate reading mode on Android?

Reading articles without any distraction on your Android smartphone is the new genius idea from Google to keep its users focused.

After the focus-mode, which allowed you to cut notifications from the most distracting applications, Google has just added a new string to its bow of productivity: the reading mode. Intended to be implemented natively during the next Android updates, the option is already accessible from the Play Store. We explain how to activate it.

Reading mode, what for?

Like Pocket on a smartphone or Print Friendly on Windows, Google’s Reading Mode allows display web articles with minimal distraction : no more pop-up ads, images or contextual elements that usually accompany online media. The idea is to offer a completely stripped-down version of the content, while allowing the user to modulate the size and color of the font, the display mode, and even the audio playback for people with visual impairments.

Very practical for reading without being distracted by pop-ups and other pop-up windows, the reading mode is perfect for keeping your good resolutions for the year, without having to systematically go through a third-party application. Still need to know how to activate it.

How to install the reading mode?

For now, the reading mode is only accessible by downloading the dedicated application from the Google Play Store. Once the software is installed, just follow the guide. Indeed, the application does not open in the classic way, but must be configured to open via a shortcut, physical or gestural. During the first opening, it will thus be possible to select which shortcut you wish to assign to the reading mode. Once the choice is made, the application closes, and will continue to run in the background until you need it. To change the settings later, simply go to the smartphone settings, then access the Accessibility tab.

Then just open a web page on your Android smartphone, then start the saved shortcut. A pop-up window will then open, and offer you the article in a completely uncluttered version, without advertising or disturbing elements. From the settings, you can easily change the font (style, size, spacing) and the background color, for optimal reading comfort. It will also be possible to select the sound playback mode, perfect for people with visual impairments, or those with an auditory memory. Note, however, that the audio reading mode is currently more effective in English than in French, but that Molière’s language should quickly be perfected for optimal use.

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Good resolutions: how to activate reading mode on Android?

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