Galaxy S23 Ultra: leak reveals Samsung’s future high-end flagship

The Galaxy S23 Ultra appears in a new leak. Several months before the release, we discover the design of the Samsung smartphone from every angle. Among the novelties of the flagship, we should find a new generation Qualcomm fingerprint reader.

OnLeaks, a reputable industry informant, has just posted 3D renderings of the Galaxy S23 Ultra on the SmartPrix website. It’s the first reliable look at Samsung’s high-end smartphone design. As always, these images were crafted thanks to the phone’s design schematics.


For the record, OnLeaks has already hit hard recently by lifting the veil on the design of the other two models in the range, Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+. Very similar to the Galaxy S22, the two smartphones differ only in the look of their camera. Instead of the rectangular block inherited from the Galaxy S21, Samsung integrates the modules directly into the glass back of the device.

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Samsung recycles the design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

As expected, the Galaxy S23 would be visually very close to its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung would resume in broad outline the massive and angular aesthetic of the previous generation. The smartphone would take the form of a large rectangle bounded by slightly curved edges. The slices would however be less curved than on the S22 Ultra. The future flagship would be more in line with the Galaxy Note range. It would be besides again accompanied by an S-Pen stylus. A storage drawer for the accessory is visible on the lower part.

The smartphone would offer a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen. Unsurprisingly, a tiny cavity in the touch screen would house a photo sensor for selfies. The panel would be circled with thin borders. According to SmartPrix, these would be the thinnest borders ever seen on a smartphone from the Galaxy S range.

On the back, we see a total of five cameras. Three sensors are arranged vertically, close to the edge of the device, while two modules are placed a little more to the right, the LED flash separating them. As on the S22 Ultra, the optics would be directly housed in the glass of the rear face. There would therefore be no protuberance protruding from the back of the terminal. Apparently, the two modules around the LED flash will be even better integrated into the chassis of the smartphone. On the other hand, the metal that surrounds the modules would be more imposing.

s23 ultra photo sensors

The S23 Ultra would be slightly wider than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The future flagship would indeed measure 163.4 × 78.1 × 8.8 mm, against 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm for the S22 Ultra. Note that the other Galaxy S23s have also grown bigger compared to their predecessors.

A new fingerprint reader?

In parallel, a leak has come to prophesy the arrival of a new fingerprint sensor under the screen. According to the rumor relayed by a leaker on Twitter, Samsung would rely on 3D Sonic Maxan ultrasonic fingerprint sensor designed by Qualcomm.

Already present on smartphones like Vivo X80 Pro, Qualcomm’s reader is 17 times larger than most biometric sensors. It allows to scan two fingers simultaneously to provide better security. To unlock the phone, simply place your fingers on the lower part of the screen.

Latest news: Samsung will announce the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its little brothers during February 2023. Ahead of mass production, the smartphones appeared in the database of several certification bodies, confirming the release schedule.

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Galaxy S23 Ultra: leak reveals Samsung’s future high-end flagship

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