From entry-level to premium services: which Free mobile plan is right for you?

The famous, practical, but minimalist Package at 2 euros

Your need is above all to be reachable, to check an e-mail, an itinerary, information in passing. Maybe post a photo of your walk on the networks? Either way, you’re more into texting than endless blah-blah.

Then this package is probably sufficient: 2 hours of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 50 MB of mobile Internet. Be careful therefore to reduce your data consumption to a minimum, the out-of-package risk is large (at 0.05 €/MB), and you risk a bad surprise: for example, 50 euros extra for “only” 1GB of non-package, it’s exorbitant!

First of its kind at this unbeatable price, and even free for all Freebox subscribers, there are a few other 2 euro packages on the market. You can compare their services through our comparator of cheap mobile offers.

For those who would like to be less drastic, or to flesh out your favorite teen’s very first package, it is possible to add theBooster option at €2.99/month. Welcome to unlimited calls with friends, and 600 MB more data : enough to relax a little, without becoming a stream-addict.

The Free series: the most popular, and the best value for money

Unlimited calls and SMS in France and overseas departments, 110 GB in mainland France, and 16 more in Europe, that’s comfortable for everyday use, even while streaming. Indeed, a film consumes about 1 GB per hour in standard quality. And as Free is used to pampering its subscribers, here is the little extra gift that makes you happy: Premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app is included.

Conclusion : for only €14.99 per month for the first year in a limited series, and therefore without the possibility of a discount for Freebox subscribers during the first year, we understand why it is the preferred non-binding package Freenauts. With such a volume, and a hypercompetitive price, we remain on the other hand in 4G, or at best in 4G+.

You’ll need wait a year to “migrate” : in fact, in the 13th month, you will automatically switch to the higher package, the 5G Free Package, and other even more attractive service and discount options.

The Swiss army knife: the Free 5G plan

Let’s go, we pass the course of 5Gand we double the volume of data with this 210 GB premium package, and even unlimited for Freebox subscribers! Unheard of on the market. On the telephone side too, the world opens up to you : regular travelers and other Erasmus students away from home will be able to communicate serenely all around the globe.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to landlines and mobiles in mainland France, USA, Canada, overseas departments, Europe, and China
  • 100 additional destinations to unlimited landlines
  • 25 GB consumables from 70 overseas destinations

Premium access to Free Ligue 1 is of course still offered, all for 19.99€/ month. But as we are clever at writing, we prefer it associated with the Freebox Pop, because it’s only €9.99 per month, price guaranteed for life!

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From entry-level to premium services: which Free mobile plan is right for you?

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