Free Player Pop: a TV decoder that boosts the whole house!

Even the less specialized among us now know what a modem, a Wi-Fi box, or a TV decoder are. So what is a Player Pop, this little round, white box made available by Free? How does it work, and above all, what is it for?

A multi-function box perfect for streaming

The Player Pop is the TV decoder supplied with your Freebox Pop subscription. This box runs under a recent version of Android TV, and it allows you to install your favorite applications, and enjoy them in large format on your television: notice to lovers of films and original series from Netflix, myCanal or even Disney+. And thanks to the function “chromecast/airplay“, you will be able to broadcast any content from your smartphone or tablet on the big screen.

Last luxury, but not least: the OQEE interface. Behind this barbaric acronym hides a new TV interface. From now on, you will have access to replay, live control, and start-over (return to the beginning of the program) features. You also get 100 hours of recording via a digital hard drive, and of course, more conventionally, video on demand.

Player Pop technical sheet and installation

Extremely simple to install, the Free TV decoder is positioned near your television. You can choose to connect your Free decoder to your Freebox modem either via an RJ45 Ethernet cable, or directly via Wi-Fi, which remains the most practical solution to avoid hassle-free connections. Here is some technical information about the Player Pop:

IMAGE : It is compatible with the latest generation 4K TVs, which offer a resolution 4 times greater than HD. It is also HDR compatible with DolbyVision.

HIS : It is compatible with DTS HD, Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, and Surround 5.1 technologies.

WIRELESS : It uses the Wi-Fi 11/ac (Wifi 5) standard.

BLUETOOTH : it is equipped with version 5.0, which offers a range 4 times greater and a speed 2 times faster than the previous standard 4.2.

MEMORY : it has 2 Giga of RAM, and 16 Giga of storage (part of this space is reserved for the system, however)

CONNECTION : it offers an HDMI port, a micro SD port, and a USB 3 port to connect an external hard drive for example.

Which subscription should I choose to benefit from Player Pop?

Player Pop comes with the top-of-the-range Freebox Delta subscription, and with the mid-range Freebox Pop offer. If there are many of you at home, and you don’t always agree on the choice of program, you can even ask an optional second Player Pop, to be able to watch 2 different TV programs on two devices simultaneously. Please note that this service has a cost: €4.99 per month. Sometimes it’s the price of household peace!

Small reminder: as a precaution, before any subscription, we advise you to check the eligibility of your address in advance : fiber or ADSL? You will know if Free will be able to provide you with a fiber offer. After this complete overview of the features of Player Pop, you are now ready to choose your subscription. Here, at the editorial office, we have our favorite:

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Free Player Pop: a TV decoder that boosts the whole house!

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