Free Disney+ with your Internet box? Yes, but which should you choose?

Which internet box to have Disney+ for free?

The monthly subscription to the streaming platform Disney + is displayed at € 8.99. With an annual subscription, 2 months are free. But you can reduce this cost at the moment thanks to 3 Internet offers from 3 of the 4 incumbent operators.

Find Disney+ for free:

  • during 3 monthswith Freebox Pop : this is Free’s “core range” offer, at €29.99. It will ultimately be the most economical, with an increase of only 10 euros in the second year, the possibility of taking an additional Free Series mobile plan at half price, fiber up to 5 Gb / s, a Wi-Fi repeater included and an Android TV decoder.

  • during 6 monthswith the SFR Box Power : mid-range offer here too, with WiFi 6 and 4K compatibility in addition, perfect for streaming on several screens simultaneously without loss of speed. The package is only 26€ at the moment, but increases to 43 euros from the second year. For information, with the SFR Premium boxDisney+ and Netflix are free for six months.

  • during 6 months with the Bbox Ultym : for once, it’s the Premium box from Bouygues Telecom, also at €29.99 the first year, but almost €51 the second! So when writing, we say to ourselves that it’s already not bad to take advantage of the Premium advantages for a year, and to have the gift of free access to Salto: 6 months there too, history of testing a French SVoD service.

Disney+ isn’t just for kids

No, streaming isn’t just the brand with a big red “N”. It is even certain that thearrival of Disney+ in France, in April 2020, that is to say in the middle of the first confinement, did not escape many parents in distress! With a happy surprise. Because far from being confined to Disney classics, the platform invites you into five other universes. It is a gargantuan content offering, with hundreds of anime, 15,000 series episodes, over 500 movies, and even more documentaries. You can access it streaming up to 4 screens connected simultaneously, and even the download unlimited on up to 10 of your devices. Do you feel the magic coming?

The objective being to seduce the whole familywe therefore find:

  1. Without surprise, great Disney classicssince their very first film Snow Whitereleased in 1937: about 80 in total
  2. marvel super heroesHulk, Avengers, and soon volume 3 of Guardians of the Galaxyscheduled for May
  3. The Pixar Franchise and its famous Wall-E, Cars, Toy Story…
  4. Disney+ Original creations: RDV in March 2023 for the release of season 3 of The Mandalorian, and next week, January 4, for the release of The bad batch, Season 2
  5. The National Geographic Channel: we no longer present her, her documentaries know how to please young and old alike
  6. The “Star” universe : to find the releases of the latest French series (We are waiting for example for the second part of the French series The Amateurss, with François Damiens and Vincent Dedienne), or wait Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny : I can not wait for summer !

Find without delay all the details of the Disney+ SVoD offer (catalogue, access conditions, features and prices) in our special file.

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Free Disney+ with your Internet box? Yes, but which should you choose?

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