Fourmies: the launch of a new mobile application “Avesnois Mobilité” and the success of the on-demand transport service in the south of Avesnois


October 20, 2022 – 725 views

This new mobile application centralizes a multitude of services and practical solutions to help us get around in the south of Avesnois and beyond the administrative borders of this community of municipalities. In addition to direct access to on-demand transport service in the south of Avesnois (see below), you can find out the timetables and location of the stops of the bus lines of the “Arc en Ciel” network, while being connected to the SNCF.

This new digital tool also provides access to a multitude of services, with a leisure diary supplied by the Regional Natural Park of Avesnois, the complete program of cinemas local, tourist proposals with the Avesnois tourist office, as well as a interactive map to locate restaurants, shops, artisans and other places of leisure.

There is even a “job offers” section, in partnership with the Pôle emploi agencies of Fourmies-Avesnes and the possibility of carrying out your own journey, via an intuitive map and all kinds of advice…

Equipped with a route search enginethe app ” Avesnois Mobility » allows in particular to book via your Smartphone your next transport trips on demand and to know the train schedules in real time (the TER in circulation, the delays, the last minute cancellations). You can also use this application to access the device ” PassPass Carpooling – Hauts-de-France Mobility “.

>>> Explanations from Benoit Wascat, Deputy Mayor of Fourmies and Vice-President of Sud-Avesnois, in charge of finance and mobility:

To discover this application, click here:

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The great success of transport on demand in the south of Avesnois:

The inhabitants of southern Avesnois can take advantage of this service to make all types of trips in the 12 municipalities of the intermunicipal community, whether for leisure, health, to get to work or do their shopping. This service operates Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., for only €1 per trip. More than 1,000 inhabitants of southern Avesnois regularly use this on-demand transport system, for a total of more than 40,000 trips made since its launch in 2018.

By the end of 2023, thehe scope of intervention of the Avesnois-Mobilities service could be extended to the scale of the living area, beyond the south of Avesnois…

Attention, remember that this is not a taxi, because the boarding of passengers is only done at the level of the bus stops located near your home or the place of destination. This on-demand transport service has been entrusted by TransDev to the ant association “Vital Services”, which has invested in the purchase of 2 hybrid vehicles (Toyota).

To take advantage of it, you must first register on the platform. avesnois-mobilité or call 0 801 820 016. Once your registration has been validated, you can now book your next trip directly via the “Avesnois mobility” application. Benoit Wascat:

To learn more, click here:

By Paul Schuler

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Fourmies: the launch of a new mobile application “Avesnois Mobilité” and the success of the on-demand transport service in the south of Avesnois

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