Fortnite: how to play on iOS and Android with Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Fortnite is available to gamers on phones for free through the Xbox Cloud Gaming. Good news for game fans.

Fortnite is now available on iOS and Android without paying with Xbox’s cloud gaming service. Good news for fans of the famous Battle Royale. But how to take advantage of it? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Fortnite playable on phone thanks to Xbox

The good news is linked for the players of Fortnite. For some time, the famous video game was no longer available on Apple following a dispute between Epic Games and the apple brand.

However, the situation changed a few days ago. Fortnite returned to Iphone and Ipad thanks to a method that should not please Apple. In effect, the game is free to play again thanks to Microsoft. Bill Gates’ firm proceeded in stages.

First, Microsoft made access to Fortnite possible for players on iPhone. All you had to do was go through the GeForce Now platform on your browser to enjoy Fortnite for free.

But Microsoft has extended this process recently. A few days ago, the firm has made possible free navigation on the Xbox Cloud Gaming, its cloud gaming service, for the famous Battle Royale. So all phone gamers can enjoy Fortnite without paying, whether on iOs or Android!

A nice gesture on the part of Microsoft which makes its service open to all. For this, you don’t even need the Xbox Game Pass, which is supposed to be compulsory and paid for. But how to take advantage of Fortnite on the phone with Xbox Cloud Gaming? MCE TV tells you more!

Same process for iPhone and Android

To be able to take advantage of Fortnite on the phone, several steps are required, both on iOS and Android. First, you need to create an Epic Games account and a Microsoft account. Then just link them through the Epic Games homepage. Nothing’s easier !

Next, head to the Xbox Cloud Gaming homepage. All you have to do is identify yourself with the Microsoft account and Fortnite will be available for free. All you have to do is launch the game and enjoy the Battle Royale.

Depending on player comfort, it is even possible to connect a gamepad to play it instead of using the phone screen. Awesome !

But what is the point of adding Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming? Indeed, the game is already accessible on many media (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch…) and is very often free. Well, there are two very specific reasons!

The first being that phone players get their progress and title back, more than a year after the disappearance of the game on this medium. Good news for true fans of the game.

And the second reason is the quality of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Indeed, the service offers a higher quality of play than any other medium. It is based on the performance of the Xbox Series X, considered the most powerful console on the market.

What greatly improve the comfort of play and guarantee the popularity of Fortnite, which sees its competitors copying it. Indeed, Ubisoft has launched the development ofa Battle Royale called Project Q.

The war between the Battle Royale is raging. And no doubt that Fortnite will continue to want to develop to remain the reference Battle Royale. Case to follow!

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Fortnite: how to play on iOS and Android with Xbox Cloud Gaming?

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