First 2023 selection of new iPhone games: it’s off to a strong start!

As with new films, the majority of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. It is therefore like every week, on this day, that we offer you a selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

In this new batch, there are surely some beautiful pearls to put in your mouth, like those present in the previous list to find thereSaboteur! download hereWho Needs a Hero? available here or Metarails available here on the App Store.

We present to you what seems to us to be the most qualitative. In any case, some of the games are free and can be tested easily. So don’t wait to make up your own mind! Don’t hesitate to come back and read us regularly so you don’t miss any news about games on iOS, among others.

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our selection

Rocco’s Island: Pocket Edition

  • Description : a nice adventure and puzzle game with match-3 mechanics, already released on Steam and very popular on the PC gaming platform. On iOS too, the success of esteem is already there: its App Store rating is currently 5 out of 5 stars… Don’t hesitate to give it a try, the first levels of the game are free. To unlock the whole adventure, you have to pay the one-time in-app payment of €5.99
  • WE love : the poetic atmosphere
  • Download link : here on the App Store

Resonance of the Ocean

  • Description: an very nice adventure game. You control a heroine who is on a deserted island and can walk around enjoying beautiful paintings. Collect objects found here and there, and make them sound to discover what the ocean has to say to you
  • WE love : the extremely neat graphic style, but also the very beautiful soundtrack
  • Download link : to test there

frozen city

  • Description : city ​​building simulation game taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where cold and ice reign. Suffice to say that the parameters are there by the same as in a Sim City. You have to manage the last city on the planet. Make it grow day by day by collecting the right resources and resisting the dangers of a rather inhospitable environment, it’s an understatement to say.
  • WE love : an original, assumed and rather seductive graphic touch
  • Download link : available here on the App Store

Subtransit Drive

  • Description : here is pure and hard simulation, for fans of big machines. In Subtransit Drive, you take the place of a subway driver. Everything has been designed to stick as closely as possible to reality, from all the buttons in the cabin to the tasks to be carried out to bring all passengers to their destination and above all at the announced time.
  • WE love : the fact of being able to try the game for free and only pay to unlock all the content, if ever the pleasure is there
  • Download link : pick up here

Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire

  • Description : if you’ve ever played the legendary Theme Hospital, this title should bring back fond memories. To put it simply, it’s a bit the same old story. Simply, it’s a bank that you have to build and manage rather than a hospital. All in an arcade genre, quite easy to learn, with still a great depth of gameplay
  • WE love : pretending to be Marcus Goldman or Samuel Sachs for a few hours
  • Download link : see you there

You have tested new features, appreciated or not, do not hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

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First 2023 selection of new iPhone games: it’s off to a strong start!

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