Éric Ciotti elected president of the Les Républicains party

The deputy from Nice, favorite of the ballot, won the electronic vote of the LR congress, during a second round which opposed him to Senator Bruno Retailleau.


Eric Ciotti is elected president of LR by party members.

LLR members were once again called to vote on December 10 and 11 to elect their president. The result of the electronic ballot, unveiled shortly after the closing of the votes at 6 p.m., devotes Éric Ciotti with 53.7% of the votes. After the resignation of Christian Jacobthe deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes is therefore entrusted with the heavy mission of giving a new direction to his party. He won this second round against Senator Bruno Retailleau, whom he had already beaten in the first round, Sunday December 4.

It was the interim president of LR Annie Genevard who announced the result of this second round: 53.7% of the votes for Ciotti, 46.3% for Retailleau. Turnout reached 69.70% in the second round against 72.67% in the first, said Annie Genevard during a press briefing at party headquarters.

“I am on the right, I am proud of it”

“Thanks to you, tonight hope is rising so that France remains France! All together, let’s bring the Right together and on the way to a new hope, ”reacted on Twitter its spokesperson Eric Pauget. The 91,110 LR members have chosen the line taken by Eric Ciotti “on the right assumed”, “refusing political correctness”with a very firm tone on the security and immigration. “I am on the right, I am proud of it and I will never apologize for it”, he repeated again Thursday during a public meeting in Paris.

To influence his very marked image on the right, this specialist in migration issues had also spoken of the economy, speaking of abolishing inheritance and gift taxes, and lowering taxes and charges. His great campaign argument was Laurent Wauquiez, present Thursday evening at a public meeting in Paris. Eric Ciotti promises to quickly designate the president of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region as a presidential candidate if he is elected.

“I want to gather on right-wing ideas,” Eric Ciotti told TF1, promising to “work with clarity”. Congratulating his opponent Bruno Retailleau as well as Aurélien Pradié eliminated in the first round, he pleaded for “a firm right, which restores order in the street” but also a right “of work, authority, identity , which allows us to live as we have always lived”. In his project, the president of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region Laurent Wauquiez must “embody this hope”. “We need to have a candidate quickly enough” for the 2027 presidential election and “I support Laurent Wauquiez in this approach, which combines many assets to straighten out the right,” he said.

A nod to the electorate of Aurélien Pradié

At the end of the campaign, the Quaestor of the Assembly also addressed societal themes such as domestic violence, disability and gender equality, depicting “a right open to society, to freedom, which speaks on these subjects”. A nod to Aurélien Pradié, who came third in the first round but who held, with 22%, one of the keys to the election. He had not given voting instructions but urged the two finalists to take into account the “popular right” that he carried, in a letter questioning Bruno Retailleau in a veiled way.

Several of his lieutenants lined up in between the towers behind Eric Ciotti. And on Friday, Christian Jacob and the boss of the LR deputies Olivier Marleix gave their support to Eric Ciotti, who also avails himself of that of the mayor of Troyes François Baroin. Supporters mocked at the far right: “it is the destiny of LR to submit to centrism”, launched the regional adviser of Paca Philippe Vardon, ex-RN who joined Reconquest!.

“This more than 46%, I who was not a favorite, it’s unexpected, a score that will count, be sure,” said Bruno Retailleau, congratulating his opponent before the “tough task that awaits him, a little Herculean” of “rupture” and “gathering”. In addition to unity and renewal, the new president will also have to make deputies and senators work together, who are not always on the same line, affirm LR’s position in the face of macronie, clarify the position vis-à-vis the centrists. .. “Tonight Eric won, it’s up to him to work on this meeting. I am ready for it because what is at stake is not only the future of the right but that of our country, ”added Bruno Retailleau in a brief statement at LR headquarters.

Olivier Véran calls on LR to “find an ideological compass”

But some fear a drift of the party: “The Republicans can themselves become an auxiliary force of the far right, unfortunately”, affirmed Sunday morning on Radio J Stéphane Séjourné, secretary general of Renaissance. Government spokesman Olivier Véran called on Les Républicains “to find an ideological compass because we need to work with the Republican right”.READ ALSOEric Ciotti, the man who wanted to be lovedThis victory has for Eric Ciotti a taste of revenge on the LR primary of 2021 when, coming first in the first round of the primary, he had to bow in the second against Valérie Pécresse, paying an “everything but Ciotti” vote among voters worried about his right-wing line. But with a relatively small gap, the need for the rally is more necessary than ever with his opponent Bruno Retailleau who, very critical of Nicolas Sarkozy, promised him to “return the party to the members”.

The senator had contacted the party on Thursday evening to ask it to study measures aimed at “strengthening the security and therefore the legitimacy” of the second round, after the publication of a Liberation survey on “powerful patronage systems” when joining in the Alpes-Maritimes.

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Éric Ciotti elected president of the Les Républicains party

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