Elisabeth Borne: this totally uninhibited and reprehensible gesture in the middle of the Assembly

Elisabeth Borne, appointed Prime Minister this Monday, May 16, 2022, was surprised in mid-February by the cameras of the LCP Public Senate channel performing a totally prohibited gesture within the hemicycle itself.

On February 16, during questions to the government broadcast live on the LCP – Public Sénat channel, the environmental senator, Mélanie Vogel, asked a question about the salaries of French people in Elisabeth Borne, then Minister of Labor. While the cameras were filming the latter, she had been caught smoking her electronic cigarette. Images that had obviously made the rounds of social networks and scandalized some Internet users.

An explicit gesture illegalas recalled Release. The daily went to the website of the Ministry of Labor where it is indicated that, according to article L3513-6 of the public health code, smoking and vaping are prohibited in closed and covered workplaces for collective use, like the National Assembly and the Senate. Contacted by the newspaper, both institutions had confirmed that he was “no smoking in the hemicycle”making it clear that “the ban (applied) to electronic cigarettes”. By vaping in this way, Elisabeth Borne, like all the other citizens, had therefore been guilty of a traffic ticket third class and exposed himself to a fine of 68 euroshad again reminded Release.

Elisabeth Borne: the Prime Minister surprised several times vaping

Especially since It was not the first time that Elisabeth Borne was caught with an electronic cigarette in a place where smoking is prohibited. In November 2020, journalists from Daily had also surprised the one who is now Prime Minister smoking. In January 2021, Maxime Minot, MP for Oise, was also surprised by the behavior of Elisabeth Borne on her Twitter account. “Nice the Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration, Elisabeth Borne, who calmly vapes while I ask her a question in the hemicycle… The new world is really ‘particular’…”had written the chosen one.


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Elisabeth Borne: this totally uninhibited and reprehensible gesture in the middle of the Assembly

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