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While she was still Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration, Elisabeth Borne made people talk about her. Perhaps stressed by the responsibilities weighing on her shoulders, the politician was seen vaping in the hemicycle.

If in 2017, Emmanuel Macron entrusted to the Figaro that he listened to a bit of Johnny Hallyday for relax before a speechÉlisabeth Borne, who recently obtained the keys of Matignon, has also found her trick. Exit music, knitting or sport, the 61-year-old politician grants herself a forbidden pleasure: vaping. This is in any case what some deputies in the National Assembly were able to observe, while the new right-hand man was still Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration. “Sympathetic the Minister of Labour, Employment and Integration Élisabeth Borne who vapes quietly while I ask him a question in the hemicycle… The New World is really special…” had risen, in February 2021, Maxime Minot, representative of the National Assembly on the High Council for Equality.

To respond to the indignation or curiosity of Internet users, Release investigated in February 2022 to find out whether or not, Prime Minister’s gesture was allowed. Questioned by our colleagues, the National Assembly and the Senate were unanimous in indicating that it was no smoking in the hemicyclethe ban applying to the electronic cigarette”. To top it all off, the Ministry of Labor has stated on its official website that smoking and vaping are well and truly prohibited on closed and covered workplaces for collective use, as explained in article L3513-6 of the Public health code : “In order to fight against passive smoking (which is the cause of more than 5,000 deaths per year), the Public Health Code provides for the prohibition of smoking in public places.

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This other minister caught in the act

Elisabeth Borne is not the only one to have been caught performing a forbidden gesture at his place of work. L’former spokesperson of the government, Sibeth Ndiaye, was filmed without her knowledge, while she was smoking a cigarette in his office in May 2020. The Web was then unleashed: “She didn’t know the law either and did not know that since 1991 it is forbidden to smoke in his office and in all administrations“, lambasted a user.

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Elisabeth Borne: this forbidden pleasure that she allowed herself at the Assembly – Gala

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