Electronic signature: the ally of companies

The digitization of administrative procedures is becoming more and more important in the daily lives of individuals and businesses alike. It was therefore normal to think about electronic signature solutions, and that’s what Yousign did. With an easy-to-use platform and security guarantees, this European company is reinventing the electronic signature experience and allowing companies to improve their growth without being burdened by too much red tape. Yousign even shows us how to sign a pdf
saving valuable time.

Time saving and fluidity

The electronic signature is certainly a time saver for companies, but it also allows, by extension, to improve the customer relationship and therefore the health of companies. Thanks to an intuitive handling and a customizable interface, everyone can quickly become familiar with the service offered by Yousign. In just a few clicks, users can complete all the procedures for creating, sending and signing documents, as well as automating reminders. This particularly concerns pdf files, widely used for official documents. Instead of printing, signing, scanning and sending back, the signatory simply enters a code received by SMS and only has to validate. The person requesting the signature can follow the progress of the procedure live. Employees, freed from administrative burdens, can then devote more of their time to the development of their business.

Yousign, the European electronic signature

The Yousign platform was born in 2013 in Caen. Its creators Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset designed this service to allow companies to send and sign all types of documents in a secure manner. This solution can be easily integrated into the various business software and is suitable for all disciplines (insurance, education, recruitment, etc.) as well as for all sizes of business. VSEs, SMEs and ETIs can therefore, in their own way, optimize their administrative processes and dematerialize their document management. Yousign is currently present in France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

Safety in all circumstances

If the phenomenon of the electronic signature continues to gain ground, it is also for the security it offers. Yousign has the certifications allowing it to issue secure electronic signature certificates. This implies fulfilling the conditions of the European eIDAS regulation (Electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services). This makes it possible to legislate on electronic identification and sets the rules for the use and recognition of trust services for electronic transactions in European Union member countries. Yousign also provides access to a time-stamped and archived evidence file and to encrypted and secure storage.

Each document has its own signature

All signatures do not have the same impact depending on the degree of importance and confidentiality of the documents. To best adapt to these nuances, Yousign offers different levels of signatures adapted to all documents. Thus, the simple electronic signature will ensure smooth and fast all daily procedures. Yousign’s advanced electronic signature corresponds to more sensitive documents; an identification step via an OTP code of the signatories is therefore added and sent via mobile. Finally, for maximum security, the qualified electronic signature is a legal equivalent of the handwritten signature, which makes it a reliable and secure solution. It will arrive very soon at Yousign.

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Electronic signature: the ally of companies

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